Twitter 280 character tweets – what you need to know

Users aren’t happy about the new Twitter 280 character tweets…

In a nutshell, the twittersphere is mostly opposed to the idea.

Twitter has already begun trialling 280-character tweets with many famous personalities and celebrities across the platform, most of which aren’t fond of the idea themselves.

Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) gave this official statement:



Previously, Twitter had loosened up the character count restriction by excluding images/GIFs/videos from taking up 24 characters. This was welcomed as it didn’t really change Twitter’s core concept of 140 characters.

However; doubling the character count and changing what made Twitter, Twitter, is making people unhappy to say the least.


How did people react?

Here’s how some Twitter users reacted.

WARNING – Get ready for some seriously witty comments:


We did warn you…

Why aren’t people happy?

Here are some of the reasons why Twitter users aren’t happy.


Twitter is losing its originality:

Some would say Twitter’s defining feature is the fact that users must articulate themselves with the limited 140 characters they’re given. Take this away, Twitter loses its originality…simple.

The whole concept of Twitter is to say what you need to say in the most efficient manner possible. The 140 character limit is its defining feature and, without it, it just wouldn’t be the same.


More annoying:

Twitter is a very fast-moving platform. Your Tweet is probably only visual on someone’s timeline for a few seconds. Unfortunate, but that’s how the Twitter algorithm works.

Now, imagine the same number of saturated Tweets, only double the size on your phone. It could prove to be very annoying for users.


Double the spam:

Twitter users have been begging for less spam on the platform, however; they’ve just been given 280 characters instead.

It portrays Twitter as a company who simply doesn’t listen which causes much frustration.


More Hate speech:

Hate speech is another issue with the social media platform. This issue was certainly raised when Twitter rolled out beta testing for 280 characters…see examples below:


Donald Trump:

Lastly, some users are just annoyed that Donald Trump is allowed 140 MORE characters to offend people on Twitter…a fair complaint.



Well then…

A huge reason FOR the Twitter 280 character tweets

Whilst most of the comments were negative, a handful of people made a really good point.


German is one of many languages with longer words that articulate the same points. This new update would work in favour of those non-English speaking users.

What should Twitter do?

It’s no secret that Twitter is in danger. Facebook just surpassed 2 billion users whilst Twitter is just shy of 350 million users.

In this time of peril, they need to be careful. People are afraid of change, but you can always make the shift a little easier with some reassurance.

A lot of users are under the impression that the glory days are over. Is this the end of witty responses, short news updates and more?

It certainly isn’t; but it’s obvious that this will usher in a new dawn for Twitter.

They’re making room for something new and that’s not a bad thing. Perhaps this new change would be received better if people understood what they were getting in to.

There’s only really one way to find out, and that’s to wait until this 280 character count is rolled out to everyone.

You have to admire the gamble Twitter are taking, let’s hope it works out for the best.

What do you think is the smartest move for the social giant? 

The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Live

Here at Wow Zone, we love a bit of Facebook Live!


In my time here we’ve done so many amazing things with Facebook Live, including taking part in the Cream Crack Challenge, and also a #DigitalRant – both these videos make it look like I only wear one outfit combo to work!


But why do we use Facebook Live? What benefits does it bring to us and our audience? Most importantly, what benefits can Facebook Live bring to you?


It’s FREE!


Yes, you heard it here folks, Facebook Live doesn’t cost a penny!


You may not be getting the best visual and audio quality, but if you’re looking for a way to boost your reach without having to spend money, Facebook Live is a good start!


The Feedback Is Awesome!


Because everything is Live, it’s a great place to get instant feedback from your audience. They’ll be seeing you at your most raw, so their feedback will be invaluable!


Take on board any comments put on your videos and use them to help you with your next Facebook Live event!


It Remains on Your Facebook Feed


So you’ve been speaking Live for about half an hour and led a brilliant tutorial on your chosen subject. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep that content forever and share it?


You can! Facebook Live saves your content to your profile after you stop recording, so you’ve got that content forever!


But where there are positives, there are negatives too of Facebook Live. Let’s see what you could be opening yourself up for when using Facebook Live…


Anything Can Happen


And not in a good way!


You could suddenly get a wasp chasing you in the middle of a speech, or the internet cuts out. What about if you accidentally swear?


All this could happen in the blink of an eye, and believe me I’ve seen it happen, I almost swore on a Facebook Live event…it was not pretty!


Technical Issues


You’re working with an iPhone – they aren’t the most reliable pieces of technology let’s be honest!


So it’s more than likely that it’s going to glitch at some point, and sod’s law it will happen during your Facebook Live video.


Just make sure you’ve got backup filming options available, like a second phone – just in case!