We are the UK’s experienced and trusted
Shopify Agency. We build online stores and
business rapidly and boy, do they work well!

Wow Group are
Shopify experts

At Wow Group, we have been a professional web design and development company for over a decade and have created websites on every platform known to mankind. With that experience in mind, we mean when we say Shopify is undoubtedly the leading eCommerce solution. With Shopify:

  • Adding products is painless
  • Managing payments, shipping options and processing orders is a breeze
  • The core systems are great but when you want to customise, you have full access to the code
  • It’s extremely scalable making it the perfect options for small and big stores alike

Whether you’re creating a brand-new business, want to take your established business online or simply want to migrate to Shopify from a different platform, our passionate team of Shopify experts will ensure that you proceed down the best route possible based on your needs.

Need a Shopify
Web Designer?

Is your website not looking exactly how you’d like it to? We hear this too regularly from those who enquire about our services. Off the shelf Shopify theme designs are great but they do operate on a one size fits all approach. Sadly, this rarely provides a business with any uniqueness and therefore results in a generic product which will never entice those visiting the website.

Our creative, passionate and brilliant team od Shopify web designers are naturally gifted when it comes to creating the perfect UI experience for your customers based on your business and the specific services or products you offer.

As eCommerce design experts, we always look to innovate and provide outside the box thinking where we can. It’s this kind of thinking that will make your business stand out in the saturated digital crowd.

Shopify Theme Customisation
and Bespoke Builds

There are countless Shopify themes to choose from and they are a great starting point. However, these themes will need to be customised in order to achieve the perfect digital representation of your business.

When we know the themes won’t cut the mustard when it comes to the functionality you desire, then it may be time for a bespoke build.

As eCommerce website experts, we have designed hundreds of websites from scratch and we know from experience that bespoke websites are the ones that set companies miles apart from their competitors.

We say there are no farfetched ideas when it comes to eCommerce innovation so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, no matter how wacky your idea may be!

Need a Shopify

Our brilliant Shopify development team turn designs into reality, making sure every pixel is pixel perfect. The talent of our inhouse developers knows no bounds as we also provide full Shopify build and development services.

Once your website is completed, we will always be here to support the continued development of your business. Our all-encompassing and very competitively priced Shopify support packages will mean that we’ll always be here to provide a helping hand whenever you need us.

Shopify App

For those who wish to extend their business to the realms of app stores, we can also be of service to you.

We take great pride in being able to expertly create synergy between a company’s website and app. Websites and apps operate very differently but we can create a familiar experience for your customers so they still feel “at home” if you will.

Our talented app development team can build customised applications for Shopify or on any platform, so if you’ve had that eureka app idea, be sure to let us know!

Need Shopify Marketing?

Now that you’ve designed and developed your Shopify website, perhaps have a beautiful app to go with it, it’s time to drive traffic to these digital locations.

Every marketing campaigns is different and there are a variety of marketing services we offer including:

  • SEO for Shopify (On Page and Off Page)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media for Shopify (Organic and Paid)
  • Email Marketing for Shopify
  • Content Marketing for Shopify

Our marketing team will create the optimal strategy based on your industry and your product/services with ROI success at the forefront. Whether this takes the form of Search campaign on Google AdWords, a compelling video ad on Instagram, targeted content led marketing or a combination of many different avenues, marketing goals will be achieved.