eCommerce Analytics

Our team of experienced eCommerce Analytics experts manages the entire process

eCommerce analytics

One of the most crucial elements to any eCommerce project is utilising and understanding Analytics. The eCommerce tracking, which can be done through Google Analytics, allows you to accurately track the number of transactions made on your website, the revenue that is generated and the sources of where those customers came from. Be it directly, through organic searches, paid searches, social media or other channels, we’ll know exactly where users came from to make a purchase on your website.

For any eCommerce entrepreneurs just starting out, setting up Analytics correctly and understanding the data can be quite a daunting undertaking. However, our teams have been using Google Analytics for 10+ years so they are extremely well versed in the platform. Wow Group has facilitated hundreds of eCommerce campaigns meaning whether you’re looking for an eCommerce website construction, marketing or consultancy, we can use our many years of experience to help you hit your targets.

Our eCommerce analytics experts will help you setup:

  1. eCommerce tracking
  2. Goals setup
  3. Funnel visualisation
  4. Optimise for Shopify
  5. Optimise for Bigcommerce
  6. Exclude bots traffic

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