Our Proven Process

Our mission is to consistently provide our clients with the high-quality, professional approach we’re known for.

Web Development Process

Our mission is to consistently provide our clients with the high-quality, professional approach we’re known for. Our systems and processes are tried-and-tested over many years, so that you have peace of mind that you will receive high levels of service across the agency.

The development of an online store requires a stringent approach, to ensure timescales, scopes and budgets are met, however business owners often neglect the development of the e-commerce website, as they become overwhelmed with the vast workload.

We realise that without a standard set of working documents, client project scopes can quickly escalate or tasks can slip, resulting in missed deadlines, missed opportunities and ultimately poor service, so we have bespoke plans in place to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Scoping Documents

to clearly set out the project/service description, responsibilities, timelines, budgets and approvals.

Contact Reports

of every meeting, clearly outlining the actions from agency or client.

Status Reports

usually done monthly so that clients are aware of the status of every aspect of the work commissioned.

Quaterly financial servicing reports

for our clients on monthly service contracts, as this can highlight where we are either under or over-servicing.

What to expect when working with us

Step 1: Reach out via email or telephone to let us know what your requests are.

Step 2: Your requirements are logged onto our development schedule and resources are allocated according to urgency and complexity, to ensure we meet all of your needs, as efficiently as possible.

Step 3: We then get to work, ensuring you are kept fully informed via email and telephone. If we experience any technical issues, they are flagged and we will discuss them with you.

Step 4: Hours are logged onto our resource management system (ZOHO).

We are on hand Monday-Friday to help you with any issues or queries – our office hours are between 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm Friday

Ask how we can help your business

Our digital experts are available via phone, live-chat and email.


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Wow Group is Digital Agency specialising in eCommerce. We Provide Magento, & BigCommerce Certified web stores for Maximum ROI & Brand awareness.

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