Together, We Can Eradicate the Digital Divide

Together, We Can Eradicate the Digital Divide

Because every child, from every family deserves access to digital devices and technology


 In a world that is largely digitally-driven, it is all too easy to take our electronic devices and connectivity for granted. In fact, if you believe that the like of laptops, tablets, and high-speed internet is a basic living expense, then you’re probably not alone.

But in reality, the digital inequality is ever-increasing across the UK. And as with all disparities in society, it’s the poor and socially vulnerable who are suffering most.

This is where Wowdot CIC comes in. Built on the core mission of combating  digital inequality across the UK, Wowdot supports a series of campaigns that help give young people and vulnerable families a fairer chance in education and social inclusion, through the means of digital technology and connectivity.

34% of UK Population Suffered Loss of Connectivity in March, 2020

Connect_In is the first campaign that Wowdot CIC is supporting. This hardware and connectivity programme is being launched for young people and their families who have limited or no access to devices and connectivity, for educational purposes.

This incredible campaign has been initiated by our CEO, Qasim Majid, who also sits on the board of The Child Poverty Action Forum (a cross party, independent body, which has spun out of Birmingham City Council).

The CPAF is at the forefront of the Connect_In campaign. We have also partnered-up with a consortium of other Birmingham based organisations, all of whom have donated their time, products, and services to help society’s most vulnerable young people access digital technology and feel connected to the outside world.

We're hugely grateful to our partner organisations


Donated PCS, laptops, and tablets, for families who can’t afford them.


Reliable internet connection for educational and learning purposes


A fair chance to thrive academically and socially, thanks to accessible digital technology


The current Connect_In’s campaign goal is to support 1000 children and families in Birmingham with devices and connectivity, over the next 12 months.

Imagine the colossal difference this would make to the lives of society’s poorest families; and how we’d be setting vulnerable young people up, for a brighter future.

We need your help to tackle the digital divide, for good. There are three ways you can do this:

      1. Donate your old PC’s and Laptops
      2. Donate Funds directly Wowdot’s Bank Account or
          1. Account Name: Wowdot CIC
          2. Account No 38817868
          3. Sort Code 23-05-80
      3. Go to our Gofundme page to donate


What does it cost to do my bit for the Connect_In campaign?

It costs £300 to provide a family 12 months of internet connection and a reconditioned PC or laptop.

How do I donate my old PCs and/or laptops?

We have three drop-off and collection points for devices. These are:

Wowdot Office: 93a Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8LA

Millennium Point: Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG

The North Stand Edge Villa Park Football Club, Witton Lane, Birmingham B6 6HE

What happens to the data on my PC/laptop?

Our partners at REPC Ltd have been recycling devices for almost 20 years. They hold all the appropriate licenses to do this in a safe manner; so you’ll have peace of mind that your data will be destroyed via appropriate and professional means.

You’ll receive an audit report and certificate that’ll provide you with all the relevant information of how your device is cleaned. For more details, please download the REPC Recycling and End of Life document here

How do you provide connectivity to young people and their families?

Our partners at Intercity Technology, will be providing the internet connection via a Mifi unit for 12 months.

To donate to provide connectivity please you can send your donations directly to Wowdot CIC

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