Make the Brave Leap to DTC, and Set Your Business up for Epic Growth

Take back full control of your business, and watch your revenue soar in the process. We know exactly
what you need to sell directly to your customers - from eCommerce website build, digital marketing, to
the full, end-to-end logistics.

Direct-to-Consumers: the Direct Road to Success

The rewards are obvious and staring you right in the eyes. But we get it, transitioning to a direct-to-consumer model is no ordinary feat – which is why you need a team of experts in your corner.

Now, it’s no secret that relying on distributers can limit your revenue and stop you from growing your brand to its fullest potential.

When there’s a ‘middleman’ involved in any purchasing relationship, it robs manufacturers like you of total control and denies you of your customers’ data – which you need to build a continuously thriving business.

If you’ve been operating in the B2B space for a lengthy time, it’s easy to misunderstand it for a ‘safe place’. However, it is everything but.

A little bit of research will tell you that some of the world’s leading B2B brands have made the leap to DTC to future-proof their businesses.

It’s smart. It’s solid. It’s a strategy that basically works.

Of course, there’s a lot to it – and loads of important aspects to consider. But, it doesn’t need to be a struggle. You don’t need to learn the hard way; and you certainly don’t need to figure it all out on your own.

At Wow, we’ve been launching DTC eCommerce businesses successfully, for decades. We don’t claim to
specialise in ‘everything’ but trust us when we say that the direct-to-consumer arena, is our jam.

From the moment you pick up the phone with a dozen questions, right to the point when you’re ready to
welcome D2C sales – we’ll guide you, consult you, and work with you every step of the way.

It’s rare to find technical experts, who also understand the ins-and-outs of marketing and purchasing

But hey, you’ve just found them. Right here.


After ensuring you have a robust eCommerce platform, we’ll launch your DTC stores so that you can start
selling directly to your customers in no time! You’ll be able to keep track of all their data and buying behaviour – it’s a win-win.


Overwhelmed by the thought of driving traffic to your DTC stores? There’s no need to worry! Thanks to us, you’ll have every area of your digital marketing covered. We’ll take the time to study your brand and target audience; and create a super-effective strategy for you.


We won’t be waving you goodbye as soon as your DTC store has launched. You can count on us to continue to analyse your direct sales against competitors’ and help you stay one step ahead of the game. Whether you need a consultation or a brand-new DTC sales funnel – we got you.


Everything You Need for Your DTC Transition.
Right Here.

Your new venture is sure to get off to a bold start with our team of DTC eCommerce experts.
We’ll guide you on the best platforms and help you launch to market, with a bang.
Now’s the time to regain brand control, maximise your revenue, and seriously leverage on your
existing customer base. Do it now, and you’ll remain one step ahead of the game.

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