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4 Great Magento SEO Tips

Magento SEO Part 2

SEO is becoming increasingly important in this extremely competitive, business world. Basic SEO knowledge can go a long way for many businesses. With great, positive impacts such as increased traffic, increased sales and higher brand awareness, you’d be mad not to take advantage. So this lead me to make a sequel of my first SEO article to provide you with a few more ways to improve your #SEOGAME! Not to worry, it won’t be a horrific sequel like Transformers 2 or anything. Moving back on to the topic of SEO…There are many things you can do with Magento to enhance your #SEOGAME, Here are my 4 great Magento SEO tips:

1) Write descriptive/relevant page titles:

Page titles are crucial for your #SEOGAME (okay I’ll stop using the hashtag now). Pages with descriptive (and relevant) content are far more likely to appear in a user’s Google search results. So for example if you wanted to sell a dining table, you wouldn’t write just “dining table”, you’d write something like “Rustic solid Oak dining table 150CM x 100CM”. Be as descriptive as you can to attract a wider variety of searches.

2) Keep on top of off-page SEO:

Magento is a fairly easy ecommerce platform to optimize for search engines, however it is still bound by the laws of SEO. In order to gain a ranking (this most applies to people in a competitive market) you can’t neglect off-page SEO. A combination of both on-page & off-Page SEO makes for a deadly combination against your competitors. A good example of off-page SEO is social media. It can be a powerful tool when implemented correctly, unfortunately many people do not use it to its full advantage. Another element people lack is mentions from their industry influencers. For example, if you were in the marketing industry, a mention from Moz would be extremely valuable as it is relevant and can be worth a huge amount of visibility!

3) Integrate Google Analytics into your Magento site:

Using google analytics can really boost your SEO. Knowing where most of your traffic is coming from can be extremely valuable to say the least. If you know where most of your traffic is going you can allocate more resources to that certain area or more specifically, that single landing page. If you’re not already using the basic features of Google Analytics then you should most definitely question your sanity, then when you’re done with that, go create an account. After doing this, get it integrated with your Magento site to heighten your approach to SEO.

4) Get some good Google+ local product reviews:

When devising a local SEO strategy, the word “reviews” should be a regularly used word. Reviews are a key element for local SEO. Not only do they affect your ranking for Google’s local search results, they heavily affect peoples’ buying decisions. This makes them equally as important as many other factors included in local SEO. Even with a top local search ranking, you may be skipped out by the potential customer for simply not having any reviews. The user may want to base their decision on an unbiased, third party review as opposed to the “sales-y” description you provide for them.

These are just 4 of many great ways to up your SEO game, comment some of your favourite SEO methods below! 🙂

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