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4 More Magento Conversion Tactics

4 More Magento Conversion tactics:

Ecommerce websites are constantly looking for ways to increase their conversion rates. The businesses who are always testing out new methods are the ones that usually succeed in achieving this. It only makes sense, because if you don’t try new tactics every now and then you’ll never know if they work. In light of this, I’m going to be providing you with a few more conversion methods. If you want to see my previous article about CRO (conversion rate optimisation), click here! Well then, let’s get started…Here are 4 more Magento conversion tactics:


Reviews can be a powerful tool to help convince customers to finalise their purchase. It gives your website more credibility and builds a sense of trust. With the internet being such a massive place for ecommerce, it’s very easy to become a victim of a scam. This is why people are so wary of where they buy from and it’s only reasonable. With reviews, it allows potential customers to get an unbiased, third party opinion which is why they can be so influential. For Magento specifically, there are many extensions that you can download to add reviews on with ease. An example of one is YotPo, it is rated 4.7/5 on Magento connect and the best part is that it’s free! You can check it out here.

Make use of your bestsellers:

Display your bestsellers on your home page. They are your best selling products for a reason, because they appeal to a lot of people. Keeping them on the front page will give them the exposure they need and can potentially bring in a lot more sales. There’s really nothing to lose by doing this! To view your bestselling products, log in to the Magento back-end, then on the admin panel go to “Reports” -> “Products” -> “Bestsellers”. When you get there you should see something like this.


Magento Product Bestsellers

As you can see it allows you to set a date and once you enter the necessary information either hit “export” to export it to a CSV or click “show report” to get a result on the same page.

Descriptive and quality images:

It is common knowledge that your content has to be descriptive, however so many people forget about the influence that your images have on a customer’s decision making. On top of this, some people even generate useless written content to represent their products. The ideal product listing will contain keyword rich content and have a fairly sizeable and high quality image. Without this powerful combination, your conversion rate will not be as high as it could be and really you’re just missing out. If you find it difficult to write descriptive content with keywords in, then hire a content writer. It’s better to fork out a bit of cash and have descriptive content as opposed to allowing yourself to list products to a less than adequate standard. 

Clear navigation:

One way businesses lose customers on their website is by having bad navigation. If at any time your website navigation is unclear or laid or really poor then you’re bound to have people leave your website solely for this reason. Also, another thing to note is that if people are coming on to your website, looking at the confusing navigation and then leaving without clicking on another page or link then this will affect your bounce rate. Bounce rate affects your page ranking and ultimately, you’re just going to be losing out on a hell of a lot exposure at the end of the day. You can avoid all this by simply having efficient and clear navigation on your website. 

Well folks, the fact of the matter is there are plenty of techniques you can do to help your conversion rate, it’s all a matter of experimenting and seeing what works for you. I hope this article proved useful to many of you and happy experimenting! May the god of CRO bless you for many years to come 😉

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