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4 Tips for Writing Content on Boring Topics

writing content on boring topics

Writing content for a subject that is particularly uninteresting can be slightly demotivating, even before you begin to write it. Perhaps the content happens to be on a topic which you know nothing about, or maybe it’s just plain boring. The one thing to remember, however, is that if a topic is boring and unappealing to you, then your main job is to not convey this feeling within your writing.Thankfully there is a way to make any content for any website seem interesting by following a few simple rules:

Don’t Be a Robot

A blog can have a character all of its own, much like you. In order to do that, you must be able to give it some of your own personality, as this may be a step towards relating to readers. One good way of determining whether you have an interesting blog is reading through it once you’ve finished. If you’re only able to scan two paragraphs before being bored, then it is completely bereft of personality.

Add Pictures Whenever Possible

Again, the recurring theme to capturing your readers attention is personal engagement. If you’re writing for a business, try getting a shot of the office working away happily, or if you’re blogging for a vet, maybe a picture of your own dog. This not only makes the blog seem more genuine, but also highlights a level of care and effort you’ve put into the blog itself.

Use a Story

This one can apply to any blog, but will be a big help for boring content. Writing a piece on the importance of having Errors and Omissions insurance? Maybe use a story of somebody who didn’t have it and suffered the consequences. Doing another piece on the dangers of not having contraception? Mention a friend or acquaintance at university who could have used your advice.

Slow Down!

Finally, everybody knows that the best bloggers post regularly without fail. However, if you’re hard pressed for time and trying to produce upwards of 3 blogs a day, the chances are the standards of your writing will be slipping. Try to free up some time and post less regularly in order to focus more on quality content, as without that, you will be going nowhere to begin with.

With these hints, engaging your readers should be much easier and you will undoubtedly see the quality of your content increase along with the your website traffic.

Good Luck!

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