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41% of Businesses Don’t Use SEO in Birmingham

A recent study has revealed that 41% of businesses don’t take advantage of specialised SEO services, thus failing to optimise their position within search engines.

Fasthosts study has revealed that;

  • One in four companies believe SEO would be too costly.
  • 11% claim past attempts at SEO have failed, thus putting them off.
  • Only 28% of small companies fully understand their website numbers.
  • 27% have never used online methods to interact with their customers.
  • Only 23% use social media to further sales and interact with customers.
  • 41% don’t have an email contact form on their website.
  • 20% believe that under-investment in online marketing will have a negative effect on their business.
  • Only 14% make a point of replying to online reviews.

“For many small firms, battling for online visibility can be a real stress and seem too daunting a challenge to take on. However, every business owner should know that there are now low-cost, point-and-click solutions for both improving search engine positions and understanding how their website is being used.” said Steve Holford, marketing director at Fasthosts.

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