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5 awesome examples of emoji marketing

5 awesome examples of emoji marketing

From the keyboards of millennials to mainstream advertising, the journey of emojis has been a long but prosperous one!

Now you may think emoji marketing is strictly digital, however, some companies have used them offline very successfully. For those unfamiliar with how major brands have been using emojis in their marketing, allow me to show you the light – here are my 5 awesome examples of emoji marketing:

1) Deadpool:

Prior to the release of Deadpool, there were billboards like this all around the world. For most, this translates as “Dead” “Poo” “L” forming a very wholesome “Deadpool”.

Deadpool film emoji billboard
However, the internet wasn’t having any of it…

People were quick to change the name to “SkullPoopL” to which leading actor Ryan Reynolds responded with:

Guess they just decided to embrace it…

AdWeek called it “so stupid it’s genius”. Deadpool broke multiple records and the ad definitely helped with the success. Read all the records it did and didn’t break here

2) Dominos:

This was definitely a memorable campaign to say the least.

Customers would register to Dominos’ online “easy order” scheme which included filling out all the necessary details, including pizza preferences. Once this was done, they could order by simply tweeting a 🍕 emoji!

Dominos Pizza Tweet
On top of plentiful sales, this particular emoji was also associated to Domino’s Pizza’s brand for a long time! It’s definitely safe to say that this campaign was more than successful.

3) Intelligent environments:

In the name of convenience, financial tech company Intelligent Environments decided to create the world’s first “emoji passcode”, allowing people to log into their bank accounts with emojis as opposed to a 4 digit PIN password.

According to research, it’s mathematically more secure than a standard code AND easier to remember…

Intelligent Environments Emoji Password

4) WWF:

WWF made use of an #EndangeredEmoji Twitter campaign to help save animals from extinction.

The objective was to increase brand awareness of WWF in certain parts of the world and appeal to a younger audience.

The charity created 17 emojis for endangered animals and encouraged people to donate £0.10/€0.10 every time they re-tweeted one.

WWF endangered emoji

5) McDonalds:

McDonalds were commended for their simple emoji ad campaigns that could be seen across many billboards.


The simplicity is amazing, it tells you a story with emojis and doesn’t require you to be highly intelligent to figure out what’s going on.

Although, for McDonalds, not every emoji campaign went well…

One of the ads was attacked by a graffiti artist, it was hilarious to say the least!

Guess that deserves a massive 😂

The lesson here today is, whether it’s offline or online, EMOJIS WORK! If you’re not incorporating at least a few of them into your strategy, you need to rethink your marketing. 

Hope you enjoyed my 5 awesome examples of emoji marketing. Until next time 🙂

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