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5 BIG On-Page conversion methods for your Magento site

On-Page conversion methods


A high conversion rate is any eCommerce business’s dream, however dreams only go as far as you can take them. That’s why I’m here, to show you different methods of increasing conversions, thus helping you reach those goals…plus I’m getting paid so there’s that too…No matter how well designed your site is or how many visitors you’re converting, you can always improve the process for the customer. So here are five ways in which you can get that conversion rate higher:


1)     3 clicks before purchasing, no more no less:

People have a short attention span, and it is important to recognise this. The default Magento checkout process requires 6 steps, which may be a few too many. A customer may want to complete the checkout process, but because of the amount of clicks they go through they will get distracted and go elsewhere as opposed to completing the order. Streamlining the buying process is more likely to ensure these people finalise a buy before going off and clicking somewhere else. Warning: Do not make the checkout process below 3 clicks, as it will make people think they’re being rushed/forced to buy and will see a loss in sales.


2)     Add social log-ins

Making social log-ins available to customers will save them a lot of time and effort. It’s always great to shave off the extra minutes the customer would have to go through. This links in with streamlining the process, as it cuts down on time that users would have to spend signing up to your website. All of their information can be verified from a Third Party (Facebook, Twitter, and Google). Extensions such as “Social Login” are available to Magento site owners and allow users to sign in using up to 18 network accounts.


3)     Add an expiring offer

Buyers will be more inclined to buy something that has an offer with a ticking clock on it. Take me for example, £30 off a Bike and I bought it only to find it cheaper somewhere else after using it (probably not my brightest moment but you get the gist of it). By showing that the deal will disappear, it will bring out a sense of urgency from the customer (much like the example above). This is because they do not want to hold off on the deal as it may not be there for when they return so in the heat of the moment there’s a higher possibility they will complete the purchase.





4)     Get people to sign up to your newsletter

Not everyone will buy from your website on the first visit (even with an expiring offer), however you can make sure that before they leave your site they sign up to your newsletter. This stage is critical, their decision to buy is hanging on a fine line and it is up to you to guide them in the right direction. You can achieve a conversion by sending them exclusive deals, coupons, and offers related to the products they’ve browsed. It is worth looking into e-mail marketing software like Copernica to help with this (Copernica can be easily integrated with Magento).


5)     Offer a video option

This one is more for eCommerce websites, however it can still be used on other types of sites. Embedding videos on Magento couldn’t be easier, in fact it’s so easy I’m not going to bother going over it (as most self respecting professionals would know how to do it). There was a study carried out by ReelSEO testing the use of video on product pages. They found that conversion rate increased significantly (sometimes as much as 46%) when there was a product video displayed on the page….even if the user did not actually view the video. There are many reasons for this.


  • There is more of a trust factor involved as people feel more secure knowing you are able to show the product on your site.
  • Showing your face gives some sort of comfort to buyers as they can put a face/personality to the business.
  • Some people simply enjoy viewing multimedia content, if your video is also entertaining it will entice the viewer and they are more likely to buy.


Well, now that you’ve read my conversion methods, it’s time to put it all into action. Get your best developers on the job or, alternatively, give me a call and we can go for a coffee to discuss a long and prosperous business relationship together…The choice is yours 🙂

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