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5 impressive UK Magento websites

5 impressive UK Magento websites

Normally, our Magento Monday segment is about improving your website. This is done by going through many different aspects, like design, writing compelling content, upgrading your software etc. However, this week we decided to change things up. For once, we wanted to list 5 websites that are “doing Magento right”. So here are 5 impressive UK Magento websites.



Most of you will have heard of Peacocks before, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, they’re a clothes retailer.

Peacocks home page

Just from landing on their home page, you can see a giant sale banner which catches the eye as well as going with the colour scheme. On top of this, all of the relevant information is displayed with simplicity. This is definitely a good design, so props to them! Think I may just do some clothes shopping right now…be right back folks…



So now we move on to another great website, if you haven’t been on better bathrooms then you have not lived…

Better Bathrooms home page

So first off, we can see a timer which is 1 day away from finishing. Right off the bat, this compels the visitor to check out their offers. To accompany this, we are given the information that they’re an award winning company, with a price promise next to this too. The good offers are also displayed on the home page, plus it’s written that there is a finance option available. This will appeal to the people who aren’t able to buy their product outright, thus appealing to more people. Overall, a very friendly/welcoming site, gives a trustworthy vibe. Makes you feel very welcome, so good job!



So, again we have another really great Magento site. Furniture in Fashion are definitely winning with that awesome attention grabbing banner. Any time someone is having a sale that is higher than 50%, it needs as much attention as it can get. That’s why they’ve decided to switch up the colours on the banner to make it stand out from the white/black on the rest of the page.

Furniture in fashion home page

As you can see in their logo, the “in” is red. This is also reflected on the home page, as you can see their “what’s new” and “furniture sale” section are both coloured red, for obvious reasons. Not only keeping up with their image, but also making the visitor focus (and potentially click) on those parts of the home page. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone…



Meet Tile Giant…A beautifully coloured and well designed website. What really got my attention was the “trends” button situated underneath the turquoise “new” icon. Being in the industry that they’re in, trends are a very important topic for their customers. So well played to them, it certainly made me want to click on it!

Tile Giant home page

Clicking on it leads another aesthetically pleasing landing page, with a “spotlight” video of six inspirational trends. Going through their website, I can see that they have a strong colour scheme, which is also reflected on their social media (purple is also my favourite colour so well done guys!). Great site!



Well, this website looks awfully cosy. They’ve updated their main website banner to look more Christmassy, as we know most websites make a boatload of sales during the Christmas period. All of the relevant information for customers is displayed neatly, with some white space that just works.

Cow shed online home page

Below, they have their best selling items of the week, with their newsletter sign up even further below. They have also displayed their various payment options at the bottom of the page, to remind their visitors that they have a payment option available suited to them.

Overall, these are well thought through, top notch websites. Props to the developers, because my user experience on all of these websites was great. I could carry on browsing, if I didn’t have to finish this article. Any website you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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