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5 innovative Magento websites

5 innovative Magento websites

When we had the idea to write about the 5 innovative Magento websites, we knew it would be a hit with our readership. This week we browsed the internet far and wide to find you some amazing Magento websites that you could really take inspiration from. With that being said, let’s take a look at 5 innovative Magento websites:

Mom & Popcorn:

First on our awesome list of innovative Magento stores comes Mom & Popcorn. Now, at first glance, this website really does aesthetically please the user. Users are met with an array of colours, made up from a lot of popcorn. As well as looking the part, it also reinforces their brand…which really brings in that 20th-century nostalgia! Using a modern website to convey a brand that reflects the 1950s has never been done so elegantly…take a look for yourself:

Mom and Popcorn


What really stood out to me about this website was the brand message. Their company is unique, they like to differentiate themselves to other beer brewery suppliers. This message was consistent. As you can see it says in bold letters “Brew your own beer to be as unique as you are”, on top of this they have the image of a strange (and topless) man which some may find humorous (we certainly did)…it’s definitely NOT what I’d expect but at the same time it just works. Good job guys!

Brew Shop


Next up on the list comes Sweatshop.com. Everything about this website is smooth, from the easy to access products to the clear CTAs (call to actions) and even their checkout process. What really appealed to me though was the impact the banners had. Let’s face it, if you were a kid you’d probably be begging your parents to get you a pair of trainers…just look at this banner. How’s that for impactful? The home page is essentially the center of your website, in most situations a user will land on your home page.



Syntix is another store which is definitely worth a mention. What do they do? Provide lubricants for all sorts of businesses in different industries. As boring as it sounds, it was a big surprise to see that their website is actually kind of…fun. Yes, the crisp design combined with visually appealing imagery makes you want to stay on the site and find out more. The colour scheme is true to the brand and there is no “website clutter” which means the spacing is good.



The second you land on this website, it gives you a sense of relaxation. This website is another example of space being used well, it works for this website in particular as it reinforces their brand. Whilst the colour white isn’t the most visually appealing, it stimulates creativity and this works amazingly well with this website. 

Hello Lucky
That just about concludes this list of 5 innovative Magento websites. If you feel like we’ve missed an important one out, let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to have an awesome Monday…Peace out people! 🙂


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