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6 reasons why Instagram is essential for brands

5 reasons why Instagram is essential for brands

Here’s why Instagram is essential for brands:

Social media has become increasingly important for brands. Businesses, big or small, are communicating through social media platforms like Instagram to build on their reputation and increase their overall following.

Over the past year, we’ve seen Instagram transform itself to facilitate a better experience for its users. Snazzy filters and numerous sharing options have made us become obsessed with sharing every second of our lives. Instagram has over 400 million users, where 60% log in daily. This makes Instagram the second most engaging network, with Facebook still wearing the crown.

There’s nothing better than to take a picture or video to tell a story.

Here are 5 reasons why Instagram is essential for brands and how businesses can benefit from it (if they’re not already doing so).


1. Build trust and personality

Branded content is becoming important for generating engagement and one of the benefits of Instagram is that it helps to build brand trust.

Having said that, Instagram helps to create an emotional connection with the audience. It allows you to share your daily experiences in an informal and casual way, therefore giving a personal feeling to your business.

Depending on the picture, it can make your company attractive and trustworthy which, as a result, will have a positive impact.


2. Hashtags can increase exposure

Instagram uses hashtags, and statistics show that one hashtag can gain up to 12.6% more engagement. For instance, a few years ago Instagram users took part in a challenge called the #dontjudgemechallenge.

As a business, participating in such challenges can increase your reach, making you seem more approachable and light hearted. It’s as simple as uploading a video/image and adding the relevant hashtag underneath. Doing so will help maintain a strong profile and this will benefit the business by enhancing its visibility.


3. Competitive advantage

All major social media platforms are in competition with each other, however, there is less competition on Instagram. According to an American Express survey, 2% of SMEs are using Instagram. Incorporating Instagram in your marketing strategy will allow you to reach your potential target audience quicker than Facebook or Twitter.


4. Reach your target market

Instagram is a way to reach people of all ages, especially millennials.

Truth be told, bloggers and online personalities have a huge influence on people where 50% of Instagram users follow well-known brands and 70% hashtag brands. Your business can market their product or service by collaborating with bloggers to increase exposure.

This is commonly referred to as influencer marketing.


5. Its free

You can market your products and services on Instagram for free to increase awareness. The only currency it accepts is your time and patience.


Instagram is a great way to connect, just like Facebook and any other social media platform. It allows you to do so much more within seconds, from uploading pictures and videos to going live and allowing the Instagram community…be a part of the fun!

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