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5 tips to create an amazing Magento design

5 tips to create an amazing Magento design

5 tips to create an amazing Magento design

A good Magento store is built on a few different components and good design is one of them. It is imperative that the design is spot on for your website as this is what will attract visitors/keep them on your site. With that being said, we wanted to focus on design this week. So here are 5 tips to create an amazing Magento design:

Set objectives for design:

Every time we have to build any kind of store/website, we always go through this phase. You have to really sit down and think what your website’s objectives are. Generally speaking, Magento is mainly used for e-commerce stores. So the main objective of said stores is usually high conversion. Then you have to think how will I achieve this? If you’re working with an agency like us, don’t be afraid to ask them for their advice!

Map your customer’s journey:

Following on nicely from the last point, now it’s time to map your customer’s journey! You have to think about where you want the journey to start and end. Keep in mind these two points:

  • Customers will not want to go through loads of landing pages before they reach the end destination.
  • If a certain page is taking too long to load, they might just back out.

Have clear, actionable text:

We’ve all heard of call to actions and if you haven’t then it’s probably best to just turn the screen off and walk away (just kidding). Having call to actions is a great way of getting your site visitors to do what you want them to. People literally need to be told exactly what to do, so make sure there is no ambiguity. For example, saying “Click here for 20% off” is a generic example…we’re sure you can do better! Get creative and play around with a few different examples. Another thing to mention is that by having CTAs, it reduces bounce rate. People aren’t coming on to your domain and just leaving straight away because you’ve told them to interact with your site!

Use different forms of multimedia:

Once people are on your website, keep them interested. ­­Did you know visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than just text? Well, now you do! It’s worth mentioning that you can also combine CTAs with images. For example, you can make a banner clickable. On this banner you can have a CTA so it’s a little more compelling. Just remember to experiment with different banner designs and text…

Work closely with designers:

You, as a businessman, have a vision for your website. The best way to communicate this vision is working closely with the designer, period. At Wow Zone, we have set procedures in place to ensure the client’s needs are being fulfilled by our team. This includes regular meetings, expert opinions from our CEOS and more.

NOTE: Don’t forget that if the designer says something is for the better, it probably is. Don’t doubt their expertise.

That finally concludes this week’s Magento Monday article. Stay tuned for next week because we have some powerful information coming to you STRAIGHT from our designers/developers. Have an awesome week and stay classy.

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