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A journey begins the moment you believe.

A journey begins the moment you believe

I was having a chat with a friend on Monday morning, over breakfast. It happens ever so often, which is why it seems like tradition now.

Whilst we are ever growing in our lives and business, the agenda always remains the same…

Discussing life and business.

As well as being strangely therapeutic, it’s nice to regularly catch up.

Because we’ve known each other for a long time, we understand one another’s personalities, what makes us tick, and most importantly, our value system is very much aligned.

We share our wins, successes, obstacles in our path, and, most importantly, give each other support and solutions.

Nothing too over bearing, just two mates catching up.

Whilst having this routine conversation, we touched upon our usual; “are we on track for our goals”?

Our thought processes are perfectly aligned with one another. A prime example of this is the fact that both of us believe if we want something to happen, the universe creates the conditions to achieve it.

So long as we work hard and don’t force the issue, it will come to be (if it’s meant to).

Whilst this may not work for some, it certainly works for the both of us…hence the alignment of our value system.

As he discussed some of the amazing projects he was working on and what was in the pipeline, a thought, for whatever reason, triggered in his mind.

The thought was a reaction to an earlier conversation we had, where I told him of the goals I was working towards.

The conversation quickly changed from him giving me the low down on what was going on in his life, to what I was working towards.

I told him my goal is set to happen by next year (2018). To which he replied

“Yes you want it to happen, but its already happening, because the process has started. Remember, the moment you want something to happen, it already starts happening.”

On the face of it, it may seem insignificant. However, it’s quite the opposite. Those who comprehend the universe in the same manner of the universe will understand why that statement is powerful.

A journey begins the moment you believe.

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