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A Straightforward Approach to Effective Content Strategy

Over the last few years, content strategy has taken on greater importance with most online marketers increasingly viewing it as a vital component of any marketing strategy. At its simplest, content strategy can be defined as a method of identifying the type of content that will allow a business to best communicate its brand message and the subsequent planning and creation of that content. A good content strategy is dependent on developing ways whereby a business can connect with its target audience using relevant and engaging content.

What is Content and Why the Need for a Strategy?

It is important at this stage to clarify what we mean by ‘content’. Whilst many people confuse the word ‘content’ with pages of text, the reality is very different. Text based content is just one component of the overall body of a website – things like images, videos and infographics also fall under the banner of ‘content’ and as such they need to be incorporated in a strategy which has clear goals.

The goal of your strategy should be to both fulfil the aims of your business and provide visitors with the type of content they are looking for. Any new visitor that comes to your site will have a preconceived notion of what he/she expects to see in terms of quality of content. Whether its relevant articles, images or animations, it is important your content is laid out in a consistent and engaging manner whereby the visitor can find what he/she is looking for and derive benefit from it. Of course, before developing a content strategy, it is imperative that you define your target audience and establish what type of content they are looking for. Once this has been achieved, you can begin to formulate your content.

Your Five-Point Plan for Effective Content Strategy

When it comes to developing an effective content strategy and creating relevant content, there are five important points to remember. To ensure your strategy is sound, ask yourself the following five questions:

What – What is the message you wish to put across to visitors and what are your business goals?

Who – Who is your target audience and does the content appeal to this audience?

Where – Where will the content be located and where will it promoted?

How – How is the content to be presented – in what format?

When – When will the content be created and is it up-to-date and relevant?

This simple checklist encompasses all the major aspects of an effective content strategy and can be used to ensure your strategy is hitting the right marks.

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The exepritse shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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