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Annotating Analytics – The Missing Link

It is a wonder why something so obvious took so long to get done, but at last the time for this new feature has come. Have you ever looked back at your website traffic trends and wondered why certain spikes or troughs occurred? Well now, through the use of annotations, you can do just that. Identify the time and make a note against this for future reference.

This is a valuable feature that will have many typing away; the obvious benefits range from building up a more tangible and clear history to being able to attribute offline marketing efforts to any traffic surges. Although throughout the web, this feature is gaining much deserved popularity, it must be stated that as of yet, the majority of UK users have yet to see this feature in their analytic accounts. As always, Google will roll these out in stages. In fact, the US has already started to use it. Please Google, do we UK users always have to be a step behind everyone?

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