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Google Core Algorithm Change

Another Google Core Algorithm Change on its way?

It seems there may be another Google Core Algorithm Change to come…

The dark forces at Google may be at it again with yet another Google Core Algorithm Change, just when we thought we fought them off with mobile friendly websites and fast loading web pages! If you haven’t checked your organic search traffic for the past couple of days, perhaps you should put this at the top of your “to do list”.

Your site’s ranking may have plummeted (or skyrocketed up) which means it’s imperative for businesses to know where they currently stand in terms of organic ranking! Google hasn’t come forward and said anything, but there seems to be a whole lot of chatter within the search community, with a few key indicators pointing towards a change in Google’s CORE search algorithm.

A lot of Digital Marketers are convinced that there was a Google Core Algorithm Change based on 2 main facts:

  • Organic rankings fluctuating.
  • Forecasts from influencers (Moz, SERP metrics etc).

Organic Rankings Fluctuating:

People will argue that rankings are constantly fluctuating, so they’ll be quick to dismiss this as a key indicator. Well, to those people we say that the fluctuations weren’t specific to any industry. In fact, multiple businesses from various industries saw their ranking change, some more drastically than others. The following two tweets show that this possible change is something NOT to be ignored:


(Granted, the above is just an update and not a core change, but still goes to show how detrimental Google changes can be).

Moz Forecast:

Many search ranking tools are showing signs of “spikes” which indicate possible changes in Google’s organic search algorithm. One of the most notable of all these is the Moz forecast. According to Moz themselves, Mozcast is:

“a weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day (or see the 5-day history on the left). The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google’s rankings changed.”

The forecast which went out on Thursday 1st September was significantly higher than any others that same week. The numbers were previously averaging from anywhere between 70-85, however, on the 1st September it shot up to 108 degrees!


As mentioned earlier, many other tools like SERP Metrics and Algoroo were displaying similar behaviours, which means there may well be another algorithm change from Google coming soon. What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know!

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