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Are you all in or are you kidding yourself?

Are you all in or are you kidding yourself?

Just think about it for a minute…

The issue I see with many business owners who want growth is they have awesome ambition, a great product or service, but they’re reluctant, in fact I’ll would go as far are saying frightened, to put everything on the line to achieve self-actualisation.

We’ve all heard of that saying, ‘with big risk comes big reward’; yet why is it so many business owners don’t practice what they preach? Is it a lack of belief in their product or service, a lack of conviction to fully commit to the journey, is it laziness, is it a mismanagement of their own expectation, or is it plain old fear ruling their destiny? 

I can tell you now, it’s a combination of all the above. As humans, our natural instinct is to protect what we have, our brain keeps us away from danger. Taking risks is dangerous, putting everything on the line is dangerous, why? It’s linked directly to fear.

Fear is danger and fear can stop us in our tracks. We all feel fear, however, fear can be conquered if we only allow ourselves to embrace it. Remember fear is ever-present in everything we do, especially when it’s new or unknown to us. 

Risk equals danger, which results in fears, which means many of us simply won’t take the plunge and live with the status quo. 

Business and life at times can feel like you’re walking a tight rope, such are the fine lines between success and failure, you either fall or get to the other side in one piece. You may flit and wobble, fall off several times but it’s about getting back up time after time after time and never losing sight of your goal.

Fear is a feeling of the unknown, it is a false emotion created by the figment of our imagination.

It’s crazy when you think about. Being ruled by fear what does that even mean, yet it’s such a powerful force… 

So, how does one overcome fear, well, we’ve established that fear is normally felt because of the unknown or something that is new to us. Therefore, the solution is simple, make the unknown known by implementation, what’s the worst that can happen? Embrace it, enjoy it and you’ll become even stronger!

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