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#inthezone 29: Are you an innovator or a replicator?

#inthezone 29: Are you an innovator or a replicator?

Are you an innovator or a replicator?

Welcome back folks…and wow, just look at the number. We’re at number 29!! #inthezone 30 is right around the corner and we’re very excited! You KNOW it’s going to be a massive one. We can’t wait! Enough talking about next week’s article though, let’s crack on with the awesome content we have lined up for you this week. Let’s gooooooooooooooooooo:

Starting with the most important news of all, did you know Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up? It was Calvin that did the dumping too! Following on from thi…oh wait, you don’t care? PHEW! Neither do we, let’s just pretend that never happened. Now, let’s try this again:

For some reason, every day something seems to be nationally (or even internationally) celebrated. For example, previously there was Pancake Day, and even National Milk Day (we know, crazy right)! Well, this week it’s a little less absurd. As of the 1st June, the focus has been on #volunteersweek. Just how important is it to volunteer? Qasim is here to answer that question:

“Volunteering is great for all parties involved, it gives back to the local community as well as providing individuals with skills that they need to survive in the business world. Discipline, time management and other important qualities can be learned through volunteering, so make sure you’re out there volunteering!”

As well as #volunteersweek, June brings other blessings for Muslims. You’ve guessed it, Ramadan is right around the corner! This is a time where people feel closer to their religion, families and, most importantly, remember the poor. Chutney and ChatWe just wanted to wish everyone that’s fasting this year a massive good luck, we hope Ramadan brings its blessings to you!

Before we move on to this week’s lesson, we’d like to give a massive shoutout to Abid Khan and the team who are running the “Chutney and Chat” event! From our own team, Qasim attended the event and, in his own words, “it ran smoothly as well as having an awesome guest speaker. Good job Abid and the team, you did great!”

One question people really need to ask themselves is are you an innovator or a replicator? If you’re the latter, and not the former, you really need to ask yourself why. Besides, why would you want your business (or yourself) to look like a copy of someone else’s idea? Yes, in the world that we live in there are a lot of ideas that have already been innovated, however, people have also been known to develop ideas; why not do the same? If something’s already out there that you thought of, can you not look at the flaws of it and develop the idea to your own specifications? Of course you can.

Maybe at first, you won’t have the knowledge or resources to make it better…that’s perfectly okay. Quality will come over time, however, the intention to improve and adapt has to remain constant in order to really distinguish yourself from everyone else!

As Qasim mentions in business, there are three things you can do:

  • Play the game by the rules
  • Create different rules to the game
  • Construct a different game altogether!

At the moment, we’re in the process of constructing a whole different game altogether, what are you doing? Sometimes just thinking about these things can allow people to make breakthroughs…so I ask you…are you an innovator or a replicator?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Anything that gets in my way gets hurt” – Ammaar

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