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Are you getting the most out of Google Analytics?

In our monthly newsletters we will be giving away hints and tips on how to get the best from your website, we will be offering this valuable information FREE of charge, most web companies charge a fortune for this kind of stuff and keep the secrets to themselves.   You may think we’re crazy by doing this, but we believe in providing valuable information to help you succeed online. Why? Because it builds credibility, after all people like to do business with people who they know like and trust or KLT.

…Last month we shared with you some ways you can increase traffic to your website. There are fantastic ways out there and we only listed our Top 5!  Whatever ways you choose to implement, it is important to ensure that you can track your results so you can analyse the traffic to your site, make sure you are marketing effectively and convert any visitors to sales.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics on the market and what’s more, it’s free!

What are the questions you ask yourself?

  • Where do visitors to my site come from?
  • What do they click on when they stop by?
  • How can I convert my visitors to confirmed business?
  • Is the marketing I’m doing effective at driving people to the site?
  • Do I need to use any type of wording to attract interest and increase the time visitors spend on my site?
  • Or on the negative side, what is turning visitors off?

There are a raft of options available to you with Google Analytics:

  • Ad Words – put quite simply, you can create advertisements or choose key words related to your business.  Your advertisement then appears next to the search results for those terms, straight in front of people who are obviously interested!
  • Top Content reports – looking at the bounce rate of people from your site – perhaps going to visit other sites?
  • Setting up goals – measuring how many visitors there are to your site that become customers of yours?
  • Measuring the impact social media is having on your site?

There are nearly 100 reports available to answer the question “what is my website doing today”.  How about you email us to discuss this further?

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