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#inthezone 18: Asking the right questions

#inthezone 18: Asking the right questions

Asking the right questions

To all the good folks who read #inthezone regularly, we have some great news! It’s been so long since we started, so we want to switch things up! To add more value, we’re including nuggets of information so that you can take away MORE from reading our weekly posts!

Everyone who follows us closely knows about the Football game by now. The epic clash between team Adnan and team Qasim took place at Aston University Football grounds. There was a great display of Football skill from both sides, however, there was only one victor! To find out who won, watch the latest video on our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to our channel too! Watch the hilarious video BELOW:

Last week, we introduced you to our new French intern, Thibaut! This week we’re going to be asking him a few questions…

Q) Introduce yourself to the people!Thibaut

A) My name is Thibaut, I’m 24 years old. I come from Bordeaux. People tell me I look like Wolverine! 

Q2) What was the first thing you thought when you arrived in Birmingham?

A2) It looks industrial because everywhere you go you see bricks. I don’t think the city has changed much since the time of the “peaky blinders” (it’s a great show on Netflix, check it out). 

Q3) What is it like coming to a country where the language is different?

A3) It’s good but intimidating at first. You can learn a lot, not just the language. You learn about the culture, the way of living, the habits of people from a different country etc. People in France assume that English people go to a bar after work to spend time with their colleagues. I learnt from coming here this is not the case, but the concept of sharing time with colleagues remains the same. For example, we have our Football game every Friday now which is good fun! It also lets us become better friends outside of work…I love it! 


In other news, our CEO Qasim Majid would like to highlight an amazing company, Madson Interim Solutions. He had many positive words for the company and their team. In particular, it was Alice Jackson that really made an impact. In his own words “Alice is a great Managing Director with a talented team behind her. They do some top quality work and are definitely going to be doing big things in 2016. Furthermore, keep an eye on them because good things are coming!”. Check out their website!

If you’ve been on our Facebook, you’ll know that we’ve elevated our Google Partnership! Whilst we can’t give away everything right now, we can tell you there’s more information coming VERY SOON. To get first access to more information when it’s released, stay tuned to our Social Media channels:

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Google+: https://plus.google.com/106529153563130947067/about

To conclude, we have Qasim giving a few words of advice on “asking the right questions”. Here is what he had to say:

“People do business with people, they all use the KLT idea. This is Know, Like and Trust. Price isn’t a major reason why people don’t do business. In fact, the price comes 3rd/4th on the list of reasons as to why people wouldn’t do business with you. It’s all about having a personality; as well as maintaining your integrity, honesty and values! Remember that when you have a client; it’s never about you and it’s all about them. Think about how you can make their lives better. Putting it in context, when a client of ours requests a new website; they don’t actually want a new website. They only need a new website to generate more business and people have to understand this. Furthermore, just remember to ask the questions who, what, when, where, how and why! If you’re always asking the right questions then you’ll be more successful in everything you do!”. That about wraps this article up, follow us for more awesome content! 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “When I gain momentum, no-one can stop me. Not even I can stop me!” – Adnan


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