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#inthezone 19: Being Proactive

#inthezone 19: Being Proactive

Being proactive

Good afternoon you lovely people! It’s a brand new day, some more positive news, and more opportunities to seize the day! We’re so close to #inthezone20, it’s just amazing how time flies, right? It felt like yesterday when we were celebrating 15 #inthezone episodes. Let’s just say next week on Thursday you can expect something BIG! In the meantime, enjoy the content we have for you this week!

Speaking of “time flies”, this week it’s been a year since Baki joined Wow. Here are some words from himself about how the year has gone and how it changed him:


“Working for Wow-zone has increased my knowledge regarding SEO. It has also given me the oppurtunity to become Google Analytics & Google Power Search Certified! The work environment is also great and pushing everyone to the next level is strongly encouraged. My self discipline and lifestyle is falling into place, you can expect massive things from all of us this year!”.


In other marketing news, Facebook has officially released their “reaction” buttons. If you don’t know what this means, don’t fret! We have with us our marketing expert, Adnan, to explain what this means for businesses and how they can use it to their advantage!


“This allows businesses to engage with their Facebook fans in a whole new way. People are lazy. They can’t always be bothered commenting about how they feel about something. Which makes this great as people can now show how they’re feeling about something without having to even comment! Businesses who want to be more emotionally engaging with their content can now get the reactions they want from their FB fans. This sometimes also adds a snowball effect. People see others expressing how they feel about something and then they feel inclined to also do the same! Facebook added these reaction buttons to keep on top of things and be one step ahead of their competitiors in terms of taking engagement to a whole new level!”

World Book DayIf you haven’t been on Twitter, or are just generally clueless, it’s #WorldBookDay today! The tradition is to dress up as our favourite book characters in order to honour our favourite novels/comics/books/stories! Whilst we couldn’t dress up ourselves, we did show our appreciation of the holiday by bringing our most influential books in. It’s safe to say the competitive CEO (Qasim Majid) won by a landslide with his book “the slight edge”.

This week we want to iterate the fact that being proactive is the way forward. Instead of reacting to the competition, learn to be proactive. Being proactive means you’re always staying ahead of the competition. If you look at Facebook, they’ve innovated the way people react to posts. Instead of waiting for another social media platform to lead the way, they decided to take it upon themselves to improve the user experience. Over the years Facebook has shown this innovative spark many times. Another good example was when they first introduced the “Facebook timeline”. At first, there was a lot of opposition to the timeline, but it really caught on. If they were afraid of being innovative they would’ve been left in the past like Bebo, Hi5 and any other outdated social media platform you can think of. Don’t be a thing of the past, be an inspiration for the future!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You can’t handle the moment, I’m here to seize the day!” – Baki

And now, for Part 4 of our Mango Delivery Video Diary!

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