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Bing Use SEO to Discover Most Popular New Year Resolution

Bing has been becoming increasingly more prevelent in the search engine world, rising as a black sheep to competitor to Google and increasing its market share to the point where it now matches Yahoo.

The company have also added a new tool that will allow webmaster to monitor their link building performance. All of this has enabled the company to tempt away some of the market and made it a force to be reckoned with in the process.

Now Microsoft are using their technology for slightly irreverent means, showing they have a slightly more fun side to them. The company recently released a blog post to give users some idea of popular search terms by comparing search figures from January 2010 to those in November and December 2009 to find what the most popular new year resolutions of last year were.

Its all light hearted fun but seo specialists can’t ignore data like this, especially if it reveals that somebody they are doing work for may potentially be able to compete for one of these terms come the dawn of the new year.

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