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BT starts offering 100Mbps broadband to the public

Web designers BirminghamBT has now made its 100Mbps fibre optic broadband available to the general public after only previously offering the service to businesses. This will now match the top package that Virgin Media are offering to its customers and already has plans to provide speeds of up to 300Mbps on their Infinity package by next summer.

This is a very promising signal of intent by the internet service providers (ISPs) to raise connection speeds across the UK and it will be only to the delight of webmasters that will be able to feature more rich content within their sites. BT have also started trailing a whopping 1Gbps (1000Mpbs) connection speeds within Suffolk so if that goes well then we should see a huge change in the current internet service market and will force other ISPs to follow suit.

The broadband supplier has invested over £2.5bn into fibre optics which is estimated to provide faster broadband speeds to two-thirds of the UK population by 2014.

From a business point of view this is great news as more consumers will have access to quicker connection speeds that will allow them to view larger content online and allow webmasters to be much more creative with their designs and content without the constraints of their users restricting them from doing so.

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