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Why Your Business Should Start Preparing For Christmas NOW!

Why Your Business Should Start Preparing For Christmas NOW!

I know, I know – it’s mid-September and you haven’t even considered an Advent Calendar let alone the whole Christmas season!

I’m telling you now, you really need to start thinking about it for your Business, and we’re now in the Golden Quarter!

Most businesses working in, say, retail know that Christmas is a very important time of the year. From my previous job in another agency, they started planning their Christmas campaigns in June/July!

Why did they plan now? So they were ready for the big rush!

You need to make sure your website is ready, your Social Media is on point and your brand screams “shop with me!”

There are other reasons you should be planning for Christmas within the next month (or week)!



So you want to have the best designs plastered on your Cover photos, every image you own, plus you want to add a tiny Christmas hat to your company logo…

And you want it all ready for the deadline you gave the designer a day ago – I can tell you know, without really pissing someone off, it’s not going to happen!

You’ll have the first draft, then the changes you want, then you’ll add something you’ve forgotten. It’ll all end in (the designer’s) tears.

If you’re giving them some time and some breathing space, you’ll get a better quality product at the end, with time to spare.



Did you know 40% of shoppers start their Christmas shopping before Halloween?

Before you get yourself in a panic, calm down and keep reading!

Starting your Marketing strategy ahead of time means that when shoppers are starting to think about Christmas, you’re already there for them.

This means they’re more likely to visit you instead of your unprepared competitor.



Christmas is that one time of year that everyone’s chatting and going out and having fun – and really unlikely to be looking at your ads.

If you’re ready before they start hitting the Mulled Wine, you’re more likely to get something out of them!

Consider your customer’s human behaviour around this time of year, and where they’re likely to be spending their time – is it going to be online, or is it going to be through their mobile?

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