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Car Rental Website Top Performer in SEO Market

A leading SEO company have reported on their findings for an Independent Car Hire sector search, claiming that carrentals.co.uk has topped the search rankings for SEO and social media, with the company attaining 53% of the 763,000 car rental search terms checked in the study.

They also had the highest Social Media Popularity Index rating and the site itself has achieved 6% more visibility online than it had this time last year as it looks to further expand its online presence.

Managing director Gareth Robinson says “The latest Greenlight report highlights our online expertise, with our approach to search engine optimisation, positioning us at the forefront of the car hire sector and allowing us to continually reach new audiences. Over the last year we have incorporated an enhanced social media marketing strategy, offering new and existing customers a quick and easy way of interacting with us, and this investment is now achieving demonstrable results.

“Securing our position as the most visible online car hire website reflects the success of our online strategy, and we will continue to develop and refine this over the coming months. Social media, in particular, is a rapidly growing area and we’re excited to be leading the way for the car hire sector in such an important field.”

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