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Celebrating Business Milestones

Celebrating business milestones – #inthezone special

I was on Facebook the other day casually scrolling through my feed and I received a notification. I checked it and it was the “on this day” app letting me know what had happened on 22nd October 2015.

Our first #inthezone was published 1 year and 6 days ago!

Despite there being times where publishing a #inthezone blog was impossible, we still made sure to keep the idea of it going strong and now here we are, telling our story of how we started a year ago.

It’s been a wild ride from the start of 2016 to present, so we’re going to take you on a journey throughout that time period. We’ll be taking you through time, so join us in celebrating business milestones!

January 7 – Mr Mango Delivery signs up with Wow Zone:

Anyone who knows anything about Wow Zone knows that Mr Mango is one of our many amazing clients.

January 7 marks the official day he signed up with Wow Zone for our Digital Marketing services!

Mr Mango Delivery Video Diary

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/making-a-promise-and-not-a-resolution/

January 21 – 1 year anniversary with Wow:

This day marked Ammaar’s 1 year Anniversary with Wow.

Ammaar's one year anniversary

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/lifestyle-changes/

April 14 – Adnan smashes his exams:

Adnan gained both his Google fundamentals and Google Shopping qualifications on this day.

Adnan passing his Google Exams

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/carving-out-a-niche/

April 27 – Our first #DigitalZone Seminar:

This was one of the biggest milestones. Our first #DigitalZone event happened on April 2016!


Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/the-digitalzone-seminar/

May 4 – Mr Mango Delivery Website:

This was the day the Mr Mango Delivery website officially went live!

Mr Mango Delivery Website Launch

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/what-it-takes-to-be-a-champion/

May 26 – Qasim gets appointed:

Qasim was appointed to the Asian business chamber of commerce’s committee.

Business Chamber

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/hold-the-door/

July 21 – #DigitalZone 2:

Fast forward a while from May, this was the day our second #DigitalZone happened.


Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/the-importance-of-compromise/

July 27 – Job interview:

Certainly, the biggest milestone out of all the others. #TheJobInterview officially aired at primetime to 1 million viewers!

#inthezone 36: The Job Interview

As seen on Channel 4…

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/the-job-interview/

September 2 – Hike to Snowdonia:

The team set out to conquer Mount Snowdon and did exactly that! Definitely an adventure worth reading.

Hike to Snowdonia

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/conquering-your-goals/

September 5 – Islam channel:

Following on from the #TheJobInterview’s success, Qasim was invited on to the Islam Channel’s show “living the life” discussing current topics and more…

*No picture for this…sorry*

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/learning-from-the-best/

September 19 – Social Day:

Taking part in #SocialDayUK was truly a privilege, thank you so much Avisso Media! What a successful event and we were overall VERY happy to be a part of it.


Social Day UK

Social Day UK

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/making-business-connections/

Septebmer 30 – 1000 likes:

On this day our Facebook page hit 1000 likes. We’ve been growing it for just over a year now and the results are truly gratifying.

1000 Facebook likes

Read more: https://www.wow-zone.com/blog/connect-support-grow/

October 14 – Connecting your business to new opportunities via Social Media:

Qasim gave his talk on the above at the Barclaycard arena alongside Moe Nawaz. It was amazing and you can find the full presentation below.

You know what the problem is with most businesses?

Too many times we all get caught up in what’s going on around us and which direction we’re headed in that we forget to look back and recognise how far we’ve come.

Looking at all the things we’ve achieved as a business is truly incredible.

Furthermore, thank you for joining us in looking back at 2016! We can only encourage others to do the same, celebrating business milestones can be quite joyous.

We’ll be back with #inthezone next week as usual. Until next time…

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