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Classic SEO Scam – “Page 1 in 48 Hours!”

I still get SEO emails offering to help me get our website to the top of the search engines in less than 48 hours! The people who send these emails are still relying on businesses with a lack of basic SEO knowledge. Luckily, the business community now has a far greater understanding of the basic principles of SEO and are aware that such practices do not work, and may get your website in real trouble.

Thankfully, gone are the days when such emails caused me to constantly explain myself as to why I was unable to match such offers. The natural question arises as to why these emails still exist. Surely, they must still work? Well, sadly there are still businesses that fall to such SEO scams, usually new start ups. However, they soon find out that by engaging with such companies, they not only lose precious time and money, but they could potentially end up being penalised by the search engines. This is disastrous for any business, more so for one that is just starting out.

Anyone considering the possibility of accepting such offers, please take heed of my sincere advice / statement below:-

"Run like the wind, and stay away from such predators!"

I thought I would keep this article nice and simple. Anyone not adhering to my heartfelt plea above, well, we all at Chillizone Ltd did warn you!

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