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Comfort zones

Comfort Zones: What the F%*K!

Comfort Zones: What the F%*K!

If you want to live a life of mediocrity, where you haven’t experienced the joy of accomplishing a goal whilst working your butt off, you’ve been subjected to countless knock backs, doubters, jealously and the obligatory look of suppressed “what the f%*k” from close family and friends, because you’ve shared your amazing business idea, or even outrageous ambition, then you haven’t pushed yourself outside your comfort zone.

Just think about it for a moment, what are comfort zones? Well, here’s my definition; An invisible boundary, set by our own conditioning, fuelled by our peers, and ruled by fear.

To me the most important part of the definition is ‘Our own conditioning’. No one else owns the way we think or behave, so if tell ourselves we’re not good enough, or we’re going to be amazing at something, then, that’s the result we can expect.

Let’s be absolutely honest here, we all have these internal boundaries we set ourselves. They can be both dangerous and beautiful at the same time. Dangerous, because we will never realise our full potential of what we can offer to the world, and beautiful because it can set us free to follow our passion.

Remember, these are invisible boundaries, embrace your fear, take a step forward and don’t live your life in complete comfort not knowing what you could have been…

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