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Company Pays $100,000 for Domain Name due to SEO Advantages

The Australian daily deals website Zoupon has paid more than $100,000 for the Deals.com.au domain in the hopes that such a highly demanded domain name will reap massive benefits for the company’s SEO.

The purchase comes as the company begins to face even more competition from the group buying industry, which all tend to use variations of the phrase “daily deals” to attract business.

Jeremy Same, Zoupon managing director, says the company was willing to pay the price due to the SEO benefits.

“We think it’s a valuable domain name and we think it’s going to help elevate us in people’s eyes, and they’ll go for the deals. When people are searching for deals on Google, hopefully this means they will find us.”

Same says that the entire website will be placed under the Deals.com.au banner, with the Zoupon name set to be retired next week.

He continues “Basically, Zoupon will continue to be live until Monday, after which time traffic will be redirected. The new site will be live from Monday, and the first deal to come out from Deals.com.au will happen then.

“It’s the same service, we’re just changing the name. But we think this will elevate us to match the big boys in the market.

“SEO is the major reason, but in terms of our branding there is no better way to describe the industry that we are in other than ‘deals'”.

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