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#inthezone 44: Connect, Support and Grow

Connect, support and grow – #inthezone 44

Connect, support and grow!

Something big is around the corner and we all need to ask ourselves, are we ready? We hope all of you are prepared because the fourth quarter of the year is almost upon us.

Don’t forget about what’s in this quarter…Christmas! It is the busiest and most wonderful time of the year but we know our workload will double, if not triple.

Let’s not forget to end this year with a bang.

Now that we’ve got that reminder out of the way, a HUGE thank you is in order.

Our Facebook page has officially hit 1000 likes!

The hard work we’ve been putting into our business page for the past year has paid off as we’ve enjoyed constant growth… Blogs have been published, videos were uploaded, many images were created and so on.

To celebrate reaching this incredible milestone, we’ll be releasing a special blog on Monday so make sure you don’t miss out on that! We’re be giving businesses valuable tips on how to grow their Facebook profiles.

These will be the exact SAME steps we followed ourselves to attaining the four-figure like stat.

Why, you ask? Well, we love giving back, it’s as simple as that…

…and since it’s a special occasion, it seems like the opportune moment to reveal another exciting announcement.

Mark October 14th down in your calendar because our CEO, Qasim Majid, will be delivering a talk at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s event at the BarclayCard Arena!


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The theme of the event is connect, support and grow. The agenda is as follows:

Qasim Majid – ‘connect’: Connect your business to new opportunities through social media

Robert Slater – ‘grow’: Growing your business through HS2

Moe Nawaz – ‘support’: Why some leaders are more successful than others

All three speakers are known for being ‘disruptors’ in their domain so attending this event will certainly prove to be of value for you (and your business).

But wait there's more Billy Mays
…Damn right there’s more, the event is FREE!

Gain valuable insight and knowledge from those who’ve been there and done it for the low, low price of £0. See you there!

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