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Conversion Optimisation

I am great fan of Steve Jobs; one of the first things I learned from him is that every customer-focused company will have problems but one should know how to convert these problems into opportunities and then into loyalty. Let’s try to recreate the feeling of what it’s like to walk into an Apple store.  The store is bright and well-lit. The products are clearly displayed in an attractive manner, enticing customers to have a closer look. A customer service agent is on hand to answer any questions or queries. He will not only help you pick out the most suitable product, but also quickly process your purchase, reducing waiting time as much as possible.

This type of quick, hassle-free shopping experience is an ideal scenario for most customers. Similarly, conversation optimisation is the process whereby this quick hassle-free experience is repeated for a website in order to increase the number of visitors, and convert the visitors into paying customers. Some important things to focus on:

  • Clear, well-thought USP.
  • Content on the page i.e. complete and concise product description and specification.
  • Simple and straightforward steps to the checkout.
  • Quick page loading time.
  • Strong call to action – make sure all important displays are available and eye-catching.
  • Be a reputable company – site certification and trade mark.
  • Customer support must be present including pre-sale and after sale service.
  • Add credibility indicator to your website such as testimonials and rewards.
  • A good example of an ideal website which will maximize conversion optimisation is Charlotte Russe.  An apparel and accessories retailer, the website’s target audience is women between the age ranges of mid-teens to mid-twenties. Trendy clothes and bold, bright colours are the main focus of a striking homepage. As you enter the homepage, you immediately see the announcement of the latest promotions with a call to action. Now, how do you implement this on your website?

    Set Goals

    Decide what your conversion goals are.  Assess all aspects of the site. Examine the nature of any website problems and seek to understand why they exist.


    Create a benchmark so you can compare and measure your success.  Have an analytical program in place to track your conversion funnel.


    Examine where the issues/problems are.  Test your hypotheses one by one in order to determine the most relevant plan of action. Test everything from individual copy blocks and images to complete page layouts.


    Decide what changes to make to the site and implement the changes. Produce report so you can make proper business decisions. Conversion optimisation will fine-tune your website, making it simpler and easier to use. At the same time, it will increase the effectiveness of leading your visitors to action. Push the boundaries of innovative, quality customer service. Provide your customer with eye-catching offers. Connect with them. Create an experience that enhances the online shopping experience and induces the customer to come back time and time again. Implement the WOW factor and convert your visitors into sales and deliver a high ROI…. Best of Luck!!!

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