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5 top tips for creating the best content without even trying

5 top tips for creating the best content without even trying

Creating the best content without even trying

Every business will need social media to help build their brand awareness, and define their audience for those social channels as well. But what do you do once those tasks are done?

Create branded content!

That way you can share this information with your target audience, while still directing them to your website. The best way to do is to establish a blogging platform into your website.

But how can you create content that people will want to read? We’ve got some top tips for you to help create great content!


  1. The idea

Always the starting point for any blog is, what is my unique idea? While unique ideas are rare (it is seriously hard to find something that has no search results) you can still take a classic idea and put your own personal spin on it.

For example, you Google “How to create great blog content” and you see all 128 million results appear before your eyes – that’s a lot of competition!

Intriguing blog titles

As you can see, the first page is chock-a-block with amazing content to help you write content – but they all have taken to putting their own spin on it!

The first one appeals to the complete novice, the next one appeals to the formulaic person, and the third one is provoking an emotional response!

While the content may be the same in the end, their approach is different! Make sure you find your unique approach before you even start writing!


  1. The research

You either love it or you hate, but you will have to do research if you want your idea to blossom. The amount of times I have gone to write a blog, only to turn it completely on its head after researching!

When we say research, we don’t mean that you need to find every single point you want to make, just find a common point raised within your research and go with that!

Research is also great to find out if your topic is hot or not! Is your idea being talked about right now? Then write about it now! Topic looking a little bit cold? Then still write it, but sit on it until it is hot!

The best way to see what’s hot and what’s not is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords

Here’s a great example of someone using Google Adwords to help with their research!

They’ve typed in their product and it’s produced ad groups that contain lots of keywords. You can see it’s also showing you how many average monthly searches these ad groups get.

While the best monthly search may scream “pick me!” make sure it has relevant keywords to your brand.

When you start to look at the individual keywords within these groups, you can start to see what topics people are searching for, and create content around that!


  1. The title

What drew you in to this blog? Was it the closing paragraph? Was it the convincing social status that went with it? No, you saw the title!

The title is the sales person for your blog. They are on the front line, drawing in the audience (you) to learn about the information inside (our bit!)

Studies have shown that blogs that go viral usually contain numbers, digits and lists. They also define what the article is about, demonstrate the value the blog will bring them and bring excitement! Address the reader directly as well and you’ll be sure to get a click!

Some great examples of great blog titles include:

  • 10 Reasons to Create a Twitter Profile
  • How to Write a Tweet: Tweeting 101
  • Create an Eye-Watering Infographic in Minutes
  • 15 Social Media Tools You’ll Love to Work With


  1. Structure

So you’ve got your great idea (well done!) and done your research (congrats!) and even thought of the catchiest title (I am very impressed!). Now what do you do? You start writing?

Hold up, take a step back!

You need to think about the structure of your post. Do you want a big standard blog? Or do you want to make things interesting? Maybe that blog would make a great infographic? Or add some additional images and make it a gallery post?

You need to establish what will get your point across the best? Are you educating your audience, starting a discussion or entertaining them? These all have very different presentation styles!

If you’re trying to talk about something that involves a lot of statistics, an infographic is your way forward! They are a fantastic way of getting lots and LOTS of numbers across without boring anyone!

If you’re showing off the latest building work you’ve done, try and be creative with the visuals – don’t just describe the new designs, show them off!


  1. Images

You’re going to need something to accompany all that great content you’ve written!

Images are a great resource to help guide your audience through what you’ve written without losing them. If someone were to see a giant block of text, they’ll click right off and you’ll lose an audience member.

Always try to source the best quality images for your blog (it only deserves the best!), but if you can’t afford Shutterstock, there are plenty of ways to get some free quality images, if you’re willing to do some scrolling!

Places like Pexels and Google Images are great for getting copyright free images. That way you don’t have to worry about upsetting the photographer!

Avoid Copyright Issues with Royalty Free Images

For Google, you will need to put certain search parameters in to avoid copyright issues. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. When you’re on Google Images, click on “Tools”
  2. Go to “Usage Rights” and select the drop down menu
  3. Click “Label for Reuse”
  4. You should now be able to use any of the images showing up now!

So that’s the basics you need to get your business started on its content adventure! Good luck, soon you’ll be creating the best content without even trying!

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This is a great advice Helen. Thanks

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