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#inthezone 31: Dealing With Negativity

#inthezone 31: Dealing with negativity!

Dealing with negativity:

Good afternoon folks and welcome to #inthezone 31: Dealing with negativity! As usual, we have a lot to cover this week. From the EU referendum to the birthday of iconic rapper Tupac and the tragic Orlando shooting, this week’s #inthezone is packed with news from around the world (as well as our own news). Let’s get right into the news!

To start off with, we need your help! Can you help us out? We’ve established a community on our Facebook page and #inthezone, so it only makes sense for us to use that platform. We wanted to let you know that WE’RE HIRING! That’s right…more specifically we’re looking for a Social Media Executive to join us over here in Jewellery Quarter! If you know someone who’d fit the role, or would be interested in applying, please get them to e-mail adnan@wow-zone.com and CC in ammaar@wow-zone.com!

As you can see in the banner, we have two more members joining our team! Let us proudly introduce you to:

  • Left: Nawel – A French resident from Morocco! 
  • Right: Olga – A Portuguese national living in England!

You know how we love secrets at Wow Zone? (It’s unfortunate that we can’t keep them for long though) Well, TOMORROW (Friday 17th 2016) we’re going to be publicly talking about another secret we’ve been keeping for a few weeks. We can’t really give any details or clues as to what it is (mostly because a clue will literally give the whole thing away too easily), however, we can advise that you follow our Social Media channels very closely!

Moving on from Wow Zone…today not only marks the birthday of legendary rapper EU referendumTupac (RIP), it reflects how close we are to the EU referendum! On June 23rd the nation will vote on whether to stay with the EU or leave them for good. According to www.express.co.uk, “British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens who live in the UK, along with Britons who have lived abroad for less than 15 years, are eligible to vote.” Remember, your vote COUNTS. Your opinion will be heard, and most importantly, your vote will change the nation! Don’t be the person that does not vote because they think it doesn’t affect them, take a good look at the benefits of both voting IN and voting OUT and make your educated decision. Out of curiosity, will you be voting for or against the EU? Let us know BELOW with a comment! 

In other news, Father’s day is coming up (you’re welcome). This is just a reminder to those who are forgetful. Make sure you get your father something, even if it seems like they don’t want anything (more often than not they’re just being nice). If you’re lacking inspiration, here are some great ideas for the perfect gift: http://www.red5.co.uk/fathers-day-gifts.aspx

Unfortunately, this part of the article will get slightly negative. But don’t worry, we’re going to look at the positives too! Very recently, a tragedy occurred at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida where 49 people sadly lost their lives and countless more people were injured. We just wanted to offer our collective condolences to all that were directly affected from this catastrophe. It is very sad that the news is mostly negative these days. So instead of concentrating on the negatives (like everyone seems to do), let’s look on the brighter side:

  • Instead of dividing America against the Islamic community, they all came united against such an atrocity.
  • Almost $70,000 has been raised for the families of victims via LaunchGood.
  • The LGBT community and Islamic community are closer now more than ever!

To conclude, this week there has been both negativity and positivity (as there usually is in life). It’s easy to fixate on the negatives and complain about what went wrong or what we could’ve done differently, doing this comes quite naturally to most of us. However, it’s imperative that we focus on the positives. The above is a great example of this. Initially, it’s okay to reflect so we can learn from the experience, but fixating for too long may be detrimental to our health. Zinedine Zidane conveyed this idea in the most perfect way, he said “I once cried because I had no shoes to play football with my friends, but one day I saw a man who had no feet, and I realised how rich I am”. This is applicable to not only everyday life but also business life and much more! We hope you enjoyed #inthezone 31: Dealing with negativity, we’ll see you next week 🙂

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Anything that gets in my way gets hurt (joke)” – Ammaar 

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