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Directory Submission Dead? An Overview

Link building may be boring, dark and time consuming but yet this is one of the integral parts of SEO. Getting top rankings in Google and other search engines is simply impossible especially for competitive industries without the help of link building.

Link Building is an always a hot topic in the SEO discussions, many companies and professionals shared hundreds and thousands of link building ideas and ways to get high quality links from different high authority domains.

There can be some best ways to grab high quality links that one can count on its figure tips like Guest blogging, Link Baiting, Local Citation, Press Release submission, creating widgets and lots more. They are all worth doing but sometime it’s always good to go back and look in to the basics or allow me to call it old school techniques.

Remember the days when the 1st step of off page optimisation was directory submission! So, is it dead now?

Directory Submission is dead?

Many folks think that directory submission is not what it was use to be and to be honest they are right to a higher extend but I would have to disagree with the statement that directory submission is dead.

No, Directory Submission is not dead. Yes, there is lot of junk but if you can filter the good from it the fruit will be some great links in your pocket. Directory Critic is one of the great ways to see the updated and relevant list of directories.

Directory critic allows you to find new directories, niche directories and you can even sort by industries, date, PR and more.

Note: There is no particular time limit when Google update its PR. The better suggestion is to install SEOmoz Toolbar to get the DA and PA data.

Remember, do not start submitting on 1000s of directories but find the good and relevant directories and submit as this will save your time and help you getting better rankings.

What Directories are better?

This is a very open question and there can be lot of ways a one can judge that this directory is important and legit but, obviously there is some key factors that one should consider while choosing directories for link building.

Top Directories

Yahoo directories and DMoz are considered to be few of the best directories in the SEO bubble and everyone want its listing go live in Yahoo and Dmoz listings. For Yahoo its paid but I believe $299 are worth investing as this have a direct positive impact on rankings and Google consider Yahoo Directories as important. Earlier, it was very difficult to get included in yahoo listing even after paying but now due to the company’s current condition it is a bit easier to get included in Yahoo Listings.

Dmoz is free but it take lot of time to get included as there are manual link checking going on sometimes it take more than 6 to 8 months to get your link approved. Although it will take a lot of time but still this is important as all search engines considered DMoz listing as important and give extra benefit of it in SERPs.

Industry Relevant

In Directory critic you will find one column for industry, see if you can find your industry in that category. For example if your industry is Real Estate it is great to submit your listings to industry specific directories.

Other way to find relevant directories is Solo SEO. Write your keyword and it will create different variations of operators that help you find more relevant directories, blogs and forums in your niche.

Geographically Relevant

Another way to find good directories is the directories that are geographically relevant. If you are a business in United Kingdom probably http://www.ukdirectory.co.uk/ is a good place to submit your website.

After everyone submitting its websites to the tons of directories with the hope that Google will see it, index and rank their website higher in search results, Google deduce the impact of directory submission but saying that directory submission is dead, that’s something i will surly disagree with.

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11 years ago

My partner and i appreciated scanning this post as well and would most likely accept whatever you stated.

11 years ago

I have been doing Directory submissions for quite some time now. I think a key fcator to a successful ranking from DIR submissions would be the researching of directory sites because most of these site do not accept same domain.

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