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Diwali in Birmingham 2016 - #inthezone 46

Diwali in Birmingham 2016 (& more) – #inthezone 46

What an awesome week it’s been, so many big things happening all in the space of 7 days, truly eventful.

What better way to round up everything that’s happened than in traditional Wow Zone fashion? – with #inthezone!

Amo Passed his Theory test

Starting us off this week is Amo on passing his theory test. Here goes his story:

At the tender age of 23 I finally passed my Driving Theory Test!

It was a very drab experience I have to say. My test was at 8am on a Saturday morning and, it was like a scene from Shaun of the Dead, as tens of zombie like sleep deprived individuals ambled around outside the entrance of the test centre.

I went in after some last-minute cramming, put all my belongings in a locker and got given a locker key attached to a wooden spoon which was peculiar.

I finished my test within half an hour and got given my results right away.

I felt that post exam results feeling that I hadn’t experienced for a couple of years. I saw the big bold block letters saying “PASSED,” said wahey to the lady at reception and swiftly exited the building.

A dull yet efficient life experience…

Somehow, Amo makes the most boring life experiences bearable with his style of writing!

Halloween 2K16

If having to be an adult isn’t terrifying enough, we recently passed the 31st October, marking a supposedly “scary” holiday.

The only terrifying thing about this year’s annual scare-fest was the shocking amount of Harley Quinn and Joker costumes. We all saw it coming but none of us were prepared…

However, there were a good number of original costumes too. Take the following for example –

What were you dressed as this Halloween?

We’ve got to give a big shout out to The Asian Today for their awesome office party (see below)!

Whilst we love Halloween, there was a more important celebration which occurred in the past week.

Diwali in Birmingham

Sunday 30th October officially marked Diwali – the festival of lights.

Millions around the world celebrated this luminous festival in style.

We’re proud to be from Birmingham as there were numerous celebrations going on around the city.

With live music, good food and a warm atmosphere, celebrating Diwali in Birmingham was a celebration to remember!

Here’s a quick message from Qasim to all:

“I hope all that were celebrating Diwali in Birmingham (and around the world) were with their loved ones! More importantly, I hope you all enjoyed good food and relaxed as we all need a well deserved break. Have a great weekend”. 

Increase in the living wage

The good news continues as London Mayor Sadiq Khan has increased the London living wage to £9.75!

Sadiq Khan
As we all know, living in London is exponentially more expensive than most places in the UK.

University students are even given extra maintenance just to be able to keep up with the higher cost of living.

With that being said, the increase in the living wage will prove to be very useful to many, as worries about living costs will be reduced.

Outside of London, the living wage has increased by 20p per hour to become £8.45.

Do you think these rates are enough for people to be able to live on? 

All in all, it’s been an eventful week. Diwali in Birmingham was lit, the living wage was increase (which will have a positive impact on thousands) and, most importantly, Amo passed his theory test! 

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