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Do we compromise the standards we set ourselves?

Do We Compromise The Standards We Set Ourselves

As you know life is all about quality, we speak about it a lot. Quality time, quality relationships, quality of life, quality clients, the list goes on.

So why is it we settle for less ? Is it because we’re easily pleased?

Do we compromise the standards we set ourselves, because we’re simply not committed enough because we know that quality takes an inordinate amount of effort.

You can be forgiven, if you start off on the journey of providing a quality product or service but in the initial stages, it’s not the finished article. In fact striving for ‘being better’, is ever evolving.  But you must have a starting point, a measured standard, that is the hallmark which needs to be attained.

In many cases, business owners, particularly when it comes to technical disciplines, may not understand what quality looks like, yet they will be happy to refer colleagues on the strength of a relationship, not knowing fully, what a quality product or service should incorporate.

You could be fooled by thinking one person’s perception of quality is another person idea of crap. To me, that statement is complete and utter rubbish. The majority of people know what quality looks like when they see it or experience it. And even if they haven’t, they have a clear idea of what it should entail.

From my experience, if you create a high end product, invariably you attract a more discerning clientele. So, ask yourself, does your product or service truly exude quality, have you strived to improve it, to differentiate it from the everyone else? Or, have you compromised along the way because it’s easier to do that.

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