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Don't be a wuss

Don’t be a wuss! – #inthezone 55

You read that right – don’t be a wuss…

If you’ve just started out in business, one thing I can tell you is that you will come across many different types of personalities. That’s why its so important to surround yourself with like-minded peers (who are on the same journey as you).

You’ll come across those who encourage, those who want you to succeed, those who are envious, and those who knock you down. These people are usually the ones that say you have a great business idea, but you don’t have the necessary skills to run a business.

When you first hear this it does dent your confidence, you may start to question and doubt yourself, but you have to overcome this negativity because it’s part of the process in realising your dream.  The reason why people say this, is because they judge you, by their own fears, and it’s because they can’t see beyond their own limiting beliefs.

Remember you’re the one with idea, you’re the one that has seen the opportunity, you’re the one that has had sleepless nights formulating, angling and shaping your business plan. You have to be resilient in times of doubt, there’s no point rolling over and acting like a wuss.

Let me tell you something, the world is built on a 2 letter word, which is extremely powerful, both in a positive and negative way. If you know when and how to use it, you can free yourself from unnecessary time wasting, but if you let it rule it will control your destiny. That word is NO!

The world is build on No’s, it’s hard wired into our psyche from a young age. It’s the default position, it’s not anyone’s fault, it just how things are, in fact it’s the status quo. Your job as an entrepreneur, who wants to make change in the world is to say YES!

Yes, you will get knock backs, you will face rejection, you will feel disappointed but it’s in those moments that you need to dig deep and persevere. I know it’s a cliché saying, but clichés always ring true;

“The more No’s you get the closer you are to a YES”.

Business is far from easy, you work long hours, risk everything, sacrifice pleasure time, be away from friends and family, for an obsession many don’t understand. If you’re prepared to put everything on the line, work hard and focus on executing, you will start to see positive results, and eventually the world will say yes.

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