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Finding Deep Backlinks with DuckDuckGo


Since the NSA and Edward Snowden scandal hit our screens, 100s of thousands of Internet Users have quit the big search engines which have been giving your information over “willy nilly” especially with the recent Microsoft fiasco with Bing and Outlook data. These users have flocked to a “zero tracking search engine” aka DuckDuckGo – Effectively, it’s a search engine which keeps no user logs, no private data and you can’t signup to anything on the site. I decided to check it out and have been playing around with some pretty cool stuff on it.

By far my favourite part of DuckDuckGo is that it actively promotes its competitors at the end of it’s listings, just incase you couldn’t find what you were looking for that is!

DuckDuckGo Competitor

The Kind of Small Case Study

I decided to check out DuckDuckGo in a search query for for Wow internet – https://duckduckgo.com/?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wowinternet.co.uk%2F

It displayed some pretty interesting results, with me finding a backlink to 1 of our blog results from a German page which hadn’t been indexed as a backlink from Open Site Explorer or MajesticSEO.

We also found some cool directories we were listed on –




The Funny bit, at the End

Could DuckDuckGo continue to improve and revolutionize the way we are Anonymous rather than Google wanting us to associate names and personal details with our online lives? (Authorship).

go home google

Well, I doubt it but as more and more privacy scandals seem to be coming out, we’ll see if DuckDuckGo can continue to spread their wings and attract even more traffic. It’s still a cool tool for finding backlinks that I’ve never seen before.

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Spook SEO
10 years ago

I use to it before but after sometimes I encounter some lousy words like these ” No more results. Try Google / Bing more.” I hate it. And I think i belong to the million people quitted on this engine.

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