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eCommerce Merchants to Scale Even Faster, as Wow Group of Companies and SellersFunding Announce Official Partnership

eCommerce merchants are set to be even more “digitally empowered”, as Wow Group of Companies and SellersFunding shake hands in an exciting partnership. Following this partnership, select eCommerce businesses will have the funds to use Wow Group’s industry-leading digital services, thereby extending their cash runway and allowing founders to deploy capital in other areas of their business.

The world of eCommerce is scaling faster than ever. In fact, over the last two years, no other industry has witnessed growth as staggering and impactful – with online transactions expected to exceed trillions by 2026.

While this is great news for online merchants, it cements the need for ongoing digital brilliance. And that too, as a matter of urgency.

There’s no denying that 2020’s rampant lockdowns initiated a social change that has impacted the way consumers shop forever. With over 60% of the UK population reporting to have shifted to online purchasing more (compared to pre-COVID times), eCommerce businesses have been thrusted into catering for this “increased appetite” of online consumers – and make note, this is just to stay “relevant”.

To truly keep ahead of the game and prevent getting lost in a convoy of other eCommerce businesses, merchants will need to invest more money into things like digital marketing, digital replatforming and SEO with agencies that they can trust to deliver.

Leading eCommerce agency – that understands this massive need for “digital presence” all too well – Wow Group of Companies has led the online growth of brands including Land Rover and boohoo.com.  This Midlands-based agency specialises in working with eCommerce businesses, and is headed-up by an international team of digital experts, developers and consultants.

Between 2020 and present times, Wow Group of Companies has been at the forefront of a massive surge in eCommerce. Founder and CEO Qasim Majid says:

“The world has changed, and digital is at the very helm of it. As an agency, we’ve seen (and worked with) leading online companies that have completely restructured, reinvented and reinvigorated their digital presence over the last two years, and this has been integral to their growth. 

I have to say, It’s been a pleasure to see our landscape thrive and present so many opportunities for merchants over the last two years. Wow Group of Companies is committed to helping the eCommerce industry grow as much as possible – and that’s why we’re so excited to be partnering up with SellersFunding. This partnership will allow us to offer more of our digital services to eCommerce businesses with the desire to scale. It’s an absolute win-win; and no doubt, a step in the right direction for our industry”.

To echo the words of Wow Group’s CEO, the recent boom in the eCommerce space is the biggest yet, and presents enormous opportunities for online merchants.

What’s even more exciting, is that working with Wow Group (and their internationally acclaimed digital team) will become easier for these merchants, due to the company’s partnership with SellersFunding. The partnership will allow for eCommerce businesses – as elected by Wow Group – to apply for a BNPL solution, that can be approved in as little as 72 hours.

Ultimately, this means that eCommerce businesses will have the option to spread the cost of their investment with Wow Group across 12 monthly installments at no additional fee. Not only will this eliminate the stress of sourcing funds from “traditional” lenders; but merchants will be able to strategically prioritise the digital growth of their business (as they should); and not fall behind in a landscape, which seems to be moving at warp-speed.

Equally thrilled to be driving the message of “digital empowerment” forward is Leonardo Felisberto, Global Head of Business Development of SellersFunding, Leo said…

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Qasim and the Wow Group team to bring merchants more access to our combined innovative services, empowering them to successfully scale. This partnership is the perfect fit given that both companies are fully focused on delivering world-class customer experiences.”

What’s important to note is that SellersFunding is unlike traditional lenders, who usually take months to approve loans, impact credit scores,, and still don’t understand how online businesses operate..

Instead, SellersFunding takes an entirely digital and seamless approach to matching the ideal working capital solution to the needs of the merchants they partner with. . The company offers a finance solution for online businesses, that’s both quick and flexible – and doesn’t charge a pre-payment penalty.

This recent partnership will allow Wow Group to elect their valued eCommerce clients for BNPL payment options (as offered by SellersFunding) and ‘package’ the entire deal for them.

Wow Group’s elected clients will then be directed to an exclusive SellersFunding BNPL portal, where an application takes as little as five minutes to complete. Once approved, the merchant will be able to pay the cost of services rendered by Wow Group in monthly installments rather than all upfront, thus freeing up cash flow for other business needs.

The result? The opportunity to work with the renowned digital experts at Wow Group and as a result, scale eCommerce businesses so that they’re at the very top of their game. All in the absence of the headache of gathering funds and chasing applications.

Haven’t they always said that all experiences should be “seamless” in the digital world? Clearly something that’s not a problem for the leaders at Wow Group and SellersFunding, who continue to support the growth of the eCommerce industry. Now and for the future.

For more information about SellersFunding’s exclusive payment solution for Wow Group’s clients, visit: Sellers Funding

SellersFunding is a global financial technology company on a mission to empower growth for ecommerce businesses. The SellersFunding digital platform delivers a suite of financial solutions that streamlines global commerce across marketplaces and platforms including working capital, cross-border cash management, and business valuation.  www.sellersfunding.com

To read more on Wow Group of Companies and the work they do in the eCommerce space, visit: Wow Group


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