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Increasing Your Facebook Reach For Free

How to Boost Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money

We all want to hold onto our precious dough, and we all want to get the most out of our Facebook reach without spending ridiculous amounts of money *breaks the door down and stands triumphantly*…

*Realises she broke a door and tries to put it back in place* I can help!

I’m about to share my tips with you about increasing your Facebook reach with spending any money!

How to Boost Your Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money!


The easiest way to see what will work is seeing what has worked previously!

Are there any trends or patterns that scream “REPEAT! RÉPÉTER! RIPETERE!”? You should make a note of them and learn what you can do to replicate it again to increase your Facebook reach.

Obviously, if you only start posting motivational quotes, that’s not a coherent social strategy, so you need to look at the variety of posts.



Facebook Insights is an amazing tool that gives you lots of information about your audience demographics, but also useful insights into what is the best time to post.

If you head to Insights, and then to Posts, you’ll be greeted with a lovely chart that tells you exactly when your fans are online. This is based on data collected over the last 7 days.

If you start to notice a consistent good day, start to look into the exact time as well!



Speaking of the best time to post, weekends naturally are a fantastic time to put yourself on someone’s Facebook timeline.

More people have spare time and will scroll through Facebook when they’re bored, so give them something to look at!

Weekends are the ideal time to be posting helpful content that leads back to your website



So imagine someone finds your blog through Google, how do you get them from your blog to your Facebook page?

You bring Facebook to them!

Embedding a Facebook post into your blog shows that you’re actively being involved in the topic that you’re talking about, but also directs your audience to your Facebook page (if they like what they see!)



Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could make only certain people see your posts? Maybe you’ve got a post that would be perfect for those who work in Interior Design – you can focus your content to them!

Simply select Audience Preferences in your settings to give you the option to make these changes to your post, and away you go!


…but there’s always another side to it…

While Organic reach is always great, I do recommend trying to use some form of Paid posts to get you started.

You don’t have to put much, but Paid reach will always get you further than Organic – and quicker too!

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