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The Funniest Link Building Moments of 2013, so Far

I’m an avid fan of link building and I continually come up with link building “exploits” and methods, as a link builder it’s part of the fun of the job! Literally every time I see a new CMS hits the shelves I crawl through various pages, both design wise and it’s HTML/PHP.

So, without further ado, here’s the funniest Link Building moments of 2013 so far –

The “Error” Exploit –

This was apparently used to stop manual link checkers from finding your backlinks when Penguin 2.0 came out, I found it on a forum post that I’d found when searching a pretty big SEO Forum when penguin 2.0 was released.

An example of this was a site, the thread creator personal messaged me:


I told him the first time he showed me this, that it had an “Error establishing a Database Connection” he then said for me to scroll down, following my scroll down I spent the first 20 minutes laughing. The next 10 minutes was spent crying from the fact that there are people actually using this method out there.

Why we should remove “Link Building” from our vocabulary –

This was the most down voted post in recent times and has appeared #1 on Shitbound for the past few days, according to 1 Mr Carson Ward (Who’s old post on Link Networks, was completely idiotic) says we shouldn’t be doing Link building anymore!

Funny how he link builds to his Distilled author page, aye –

Distilled Author Page Backlinks

Also funny how the White Board Friday on the same week was all about how to improve yourself as a link builder. Link building is far from dead and the comments he makes are plain stupid. Not hating on the guy, hating on his content (2 different things). Before the comments explode with “f&^k you, it’s true” here’s why:

Link building isn't a Process

So he starts by saying it isn’t a goal, then tells you what the goal is -.-

He also says that “Modern Google isn’t a link counting machine” well why if I make a brand new site tomorrow and spam it with 10,000 links in a day will I more than likely rank #1 until it gets de-indexed in a month or 2? Because “Backlinks are still the most powerful thing in SEO” – Jon Cooper

When you’ve finished reading most of his points and he goes on to the “Do Better Marketing” bit, (which is pretty much what Will Reynolds said a year ago in his MozCon presentation on Real Company Shit) then it slight gets interesting.

Hacklinking –

For some reason, a lot more people seem to be delving into “real black hat” which is hacking websites to get backlinks or traffic from. This is probably the stupidest thing ever, if someone remotely clever owns that site and you slip up (which is 95% more than likely as the hackers have probably gone to exploitDB and not even bothered to use a proxy, we’re SEOs not hackers!)

Risk jail time, over a couple backlinks? I think not.

4 SEO Tricks Google doesn’t want you to Know –

Volusion recently posted this, a hell of an intriguing title, lacking in the actual content. Talks about meta titles, Google+ and Secret #4 is there is no secret.

It also goes into more about content marketing, example quote:

“The real “secret” to conquering search results is to create quality content that people want to consume and share.”

Well then why are their black hat sites killing it in the SERPs right now? Most of their content is a load of crap along with the spammiest backlink profiles you’ll ever see.

The Saddest Ask me Anything Ever –

Randy White did an Ask me Anything on Inbound, it consisted of 0 upvotes and him asking you questions, with 0 replies. It must be lonely Randy, I feel for you bud!


Shall we cheer him up and actually ask him something?

The Search Engine Land Troll that Failed, Horribly –

For some odd reason, I saw a post by Richard Falconer which decided to do a bit of a troll of Search engine land using Gizoogle:


It completely failed, made no real sense and “took the piss” out of Barry Scwartz and Matt Cutts. It wasn’t funny and the actual page didn’t make much sense.

Fail Troll FAILED

Fail Troll FAILED

Submit your funniest link building moments in the comment section below and we may just do a follow up of this at the end of the year!

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10 years ago

Its funny that people still say not to mention ‘link building’ yet we know as SEO’s it works 100% when it comes to SERP’s. The Google engine is and will always be based around links, until the algorithm changes evolve much further (more social?) nothing is happening, sorry Cutts.

Charles Floate
10 years ago
Reply to  Chris

I reckon once we start seeing a couple aliens and men on mars we MIGHT have an algorithm that isn’t based on PageRank (aka backlinks)

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