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Getting visitors, but not enquiries from your website?

So, you’ve paid hundreds or even thousands of pounds for an all singing, all   dancing website but what use is it, if you can’t use it as a marketing tool   to help grow your business?

Think of it like this… What would you do if you had prospect clients   and customers who visited you, came to your office or place of work and as   soon as you opened the door they walked away?

Similarly, do you have people visiting your website and not sticking around   long enough to see what it’s all about?

At the end of the day your website should showcase your business in the best   possible way and should generate business for you.  It’s the sales person   that doesn’t sleep, it works 365 24×7, doesn’t take annual leave and will   never ring in sick.
So… what can you do to change this?

Be relevant and don’t bore the socks off visitors – keep it relevant and of interest and don’t ramble on about something that you don’t offer because   visitors will click away in seconds!

The rules of interaction – get your visitors to post their views, enter a   competition or feedback to you in some way.  Having a Facebook “like” button   or Twitter button is an ideal and easy way to build a captive audience.

Don’t recommend they go elsewhere! Add a review of a product/service and   how it relates to your business.  Don’t just put a link to another business   website on there with no explanation… the temptation may be for them to   click it and then… gone forever!

Make it simple for them to get in touch – Believe it or not if you add a   “quick response” to every page, it increases enquiries on average by 4 fold.    Visitors are lazy, they cant be bothered to click on the Contact Us page,   so don’t make them.  In fact statistics show that they are more likely to   click off your site before they ever hit the contact page.

This is all very well we hear you cry, but what if we haven’t got visitors   coming to the site in the first place… Well… for that, you’ll need to stay   tuned for next month’s article!

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