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Google Analytics Banned in Germany in Shot to SEO Specialists Everywhere

In a move that comes as a shock to SEO specialists in Birmingham, the German government have banned Google Analytics. This is a shot to SEO specialists everywhere as they now wait with baited breath to see if any other governments plan to introduce similar measures.

The German government claim that allowing Google Analytics to track IP addresses is a violation of privacy after talks with the search engine giant collapsed this week after over a year of back and forth.

From now on, those in Germany who use Google Analytics could face a large fine, marking another blow for company’s attempting to offer SEO services.

For those who don’t know, the Google Analytics service is used by SEO Birmingham and other SEO specialists to track data relevant to website traffic, including the amount of visitors to a site and how long they spend on the site. It does this by tracking IP addresses, which the German authorities have taken umbrage with.

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