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Google Android Operating System Tops Market for Smartphones

The latest figures unveiled by Nielsen in relation to American smartphone usage have revealed that Google’s Android operating system, which is used in a large number of smartphones, is the current market leader for mobile platforms.

The news also reports that Microsoft have dropped further behind the rest of the pack, with their new Windows Phone 7 platform failing to halt the company’s decline in the market. In fact the company’s market share dropped from 9.7 per cent to 8 per cent in the three months ending in January 2011.

In the same period the market share of Google’s Android system rose by about 7.7 per cent and Apple’s iOS platform showed a 0.1 per cent increase.

This was offset by the operating system behind the Blackberry falling by more than 5%.

Data from Nielsen, however, puts Microsoft on a 10 per cent share of the American market over the same period. It places Android on 29 per cent and both Apple and BlackBerry on 27 per cent.

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