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Google buys BeatThatQuote.com to Compete with Other Comparison Websites

Google have announced the purchase of BeatThatQuote.com in what is being deemed as an attempt by the search engine operator to compete with the industry’s larger rivals, such as Comparethemarket.com and Confused.com.

BeatThatQuote.com’s managing director John Paleomylites said being part of Google will allow it to “offer more transparency and better pricing information than existing online offerings.”

He continues “We are confident that by combining BeatThatQuote.com’s expertise in UK financial products with Google’s technology, we’ll accelerate innovation in this field, benefiting consumers and the companies offering these products.” 

BeatThatQuote.com was founded in 2005 and its most recent reports demonstrate an annual loss of £2m on an £8.5m turnover.

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