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Google Head Talks Up Smartphone Future

Google’s chairman and chief executive Eric Schmidt has recently spoken about the importance of mobile phones and how smart phones are the way of the future when it comes to mobile technology.

Schimdt comments that “pretty soon, in a year or two, with the phones many of you have already and the tablets, you will never forget anything. Starting soon it will be possible to remember the hotels you went to, the pictures you took, the friends you met, because computer memories last forever.”

He also claims that Google is not being affected by the rise of facebook advertising, stating that the company’s main rival is still Microsoft. he said “We’ve seen no evidence that advertising on Facebook is hurting our advertising in any way. Facebook is additive [to Google’s business]. Microsoft is a core competitor and likely to remain our main rival for a long time.”

He points to Nokia’s recent decision to tie-up with Microsoft rather than use Google’s Android software for their new phones as proof of this, stating “We would like them to adopt Android in the future,” Schmidt said. “We’re sorry that they made a different choice. We certainly tried [to persuade them].”

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